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Perfectly Provençal!

The beautiful village of Flayosc, which sits on a hilltop in the beautiful and verdant Var area of Provence in south-east France, is about as perfectly Provençal as you will find. Predominantly mediaeval, with its ancient fortifications still very visible, the village embraces life with a typically warm Provençal spirit. Visitors and incomers are welcomed, and although the population is small, Flayosc manages to retain a lively ambience throughout the year.

A living village

Flayosc is a real living village, with all basic amenities… and indeed some luxuries… offered within its boundaries. There is a good selection of shops, (including, of course, the usual boulangeries, patisserie, boucherie) doctors, pharmacists, a ferronerie (metal crafts forge) and even a dry cleaning service. All the comforts of modern life are here, yet wrapped up in a mediaeval package so pretty it seems almost unbelievable. Even your nightlife is taken care of (though don't expect a club scene!) as there are restaurants and cafés and bars dotted through the village.

A place to relax

If all you want to do is sit and relax, Flayosc offers the perfect solution. In three of its pretty village squares you can sit under a shady plane tree, listen to the soothing sound of a fountain, and watch the elders of the town play the time honoured game of boules. Could there be a better way to spend the summer?

Exploring the 'vieux village'

The 'vieux village', the old part of town, is mainly around the top of Flayosc, close to the church. Here you can still see three ancient gateways, and much of the outer fortifications of the village are also visible. These consisted of a ring of houses (in some places two rings) built around the outside of the town, which formed a defensive wall. Effective this may have been, but you wouldn't have wanted to have lived in the outer ring!

A Roman bridge, a waterfall…

The glorious area around the town offers more to see and do than just a chance to admire the gorgeous landscapes, although for some this may be sufficient, as the verdant flora of the Var is legendary in its beauty. Trips worth making will take you around six kilometres north-west of Flayosc, to a dramatic Roman bridge, or about two kilometres south of the village to view a lovely fountain which springs from the rock and flows down over stones which have calcified over many generations.

And so much more

Other places to visit include the olive oil mills and wine co-operatives, where you can see the processes which produce the oils and wines, and even try before you buy. Or perhaps you might enjoy the unusual Doll's Hospital, where antique dolls are restored to their former glory. Of course, the Mediterranean Sea and the swish resorts of the French Riviera are all within striking distance too!

Activities for the energetic

For the energetic souls amongst you, or just those who need to burn off the calories consumed in the lovely restaurants of Provence, there are plenty of sporting opportunities near at hand. Hiking is perfect, and this is a very popular destination for dedicated walkers as well as for those who enjoy a post dinner stroll! Horse-riding, fishing, golf and water sports are also among the many sports on offer here.

How to get there

Flayosc is situated within an hour's travel from both Nice and Marseille, so air travel from the UK poses no problem. Many airlines fly to these airports direct from several departure points in the UK, including budget airline easyJet, who flies to Marseille from Liverpool, Bristol and London Gatwick and to Nice from Liverpool, Bristol, London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Luton, Newcastle and Belfast! Rail travel is possible as Flayosc is close to Draguignan, which has a railway station, and a TGV will take you to Nice, Marseille or Toulon. If travelling by road the A8 autoroute will bring you close to your destination.

Property prices and availability in and around Flayosc

The Var is in one of the more expensive regions of France in which to buy property. Situated not far from the famous Côte D'Azur, on the French Riviera, property here comes at a premium, but the rewards are great. Inland villages such as Flayosc often have slightly cheaper properties than the coastal areas, but don't expect a mansion for a handful of euros here. Though should you decide to buy in Flayosc, a good rental income is possible, as it is a sought after holiday spot. Most of the houses in the village are traditional, but there are some very sympathetically designed apartments in properties in the old part of town, near the top of the hill. On the outer edges of Flayosc there are some truly superb villas, many of which are new build but in traditional style, so as to keep that sought after, delicious Provençal ambience.

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WHERE IS Flayosc?

Flayosc is located in south-eastern France, in the east of the Var department, not far from the Mediterranean coast.

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Var Guide

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Population: 4,004

Access: By air: Fly into Nice or Marseille airports with a variety of airlines and departure points in the UK. By rail: Take a TGV to Nice or Marseille, then catch a local train to Draguignan. By road: Take the Le Muy turnoff from the A8 motorway.

Economy: The economy of the town is based on agriculture, with olives, wine and honey being particularly important.

Interesting fact: The locals, who were born and bred in the village, say they welcome the cultural input from ex-pats and holiday makers to their village, and see it as enriching. So there is a warm welcome awaiting you in Flayosc!


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