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Fréjus - a town of contrasts

Fréjus is a town lying in a fortunate position in the lovely south-east of France. It has a rich and interesting history giving it many contrasting elements. On the one hand, Fréjus is one of the earliest Roman settlements in France, and the town still maintains some evidence of this with an amphitheatre still in use today for concerts and bullfights. There is also a mediaeval sector, and this includes a beautiful red stone cathedral, a superb baptistery and cloisters. The centre of town, the Place Formigé, also harks back to mediaeval times when it was the market square, and there is still a market held here every Friday morning. On top of all this history, Fréjus is a popular modern seaside resort and also a thriving and wealthy economic centre.

Pleasures old and new

Fréjus offers its residents and visitors a variety of pleasures both old and new. Explore the old parts of town and the historic sites with guided tours round the Cité and visits to the numerous archaeological and other specialist museums. Fréjus has a Templar church, so anyone who is caught up in the mysteries surrounding this ancient movement can further their knowledge, or you can visit the Victorian and Byzantine Church of Notre Dame and say a prayer to Saint Antoine, patron saint of lost objects! Who knows, he may help you recover something long lost of great value!

Shopping, dining and other entertainment

The newer pleasures on offer here include superb shopping and dining facilities and excellent facilities for small children and youngsters. Fréjus has many playgrounds for little ones, and there is a lot of entertainment for teens and older kids too.

Outdoors and active

Fréjus is a great holiday resort, and with the almost guaranteed sunshine of the Riviera you can bet your boots that there is an outdoor activity that will suit you. From the sailing, windsurfing and catamaraning activities centred around the Marina to the swimming, sunbathing and play areas of the superb sandy beaches, Fréjus offers no end of choices if you want top spend some quality time in the fresh air. There are boat excursions along the Côte d'Azur coastline, opportunities for scuba diving and even night diving. You can find tennis courts, golf courses, volleyball courts and roller skate parks... what's your excuse for not getting active?

Out and about

If you want to explore the surrounding area from Fréjus this is no problem, and there are lots of interesting and beautiful places to see. To escape the crowds in summer head inland to the Provençal hills and grab yourself a little peace and tranquillity. Chill out, breathe in the heady scents of lavender and wild thyme, and enjoy a little of the Provence that the tourists never see. Or you could, of course, head to St Tropez for a slice of epic touristic culture!

How to get there

To reach Fréjus you can fly to Marseille, Nice or Toulon. Marseille is served by British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and Aer Lingus; Nice by British Airways, bmibaby, easyJet, bmi, Jet2, flybe, Air France and Aer Lingus; and Toulon by Ryanair. The town has a railway station which lies on a main line from Paris to the south-east of France and to Italy, so train travel is a realistic option too. If driving, take the A8 auto route from which Fréjus is signed.

Property prices and availability in and around Fréjus

As it is a major holiday centre on the Mediterranean coast, Fréjus tends to have a high priced property market. The upside to this is that if you want to rent out the property when you are not in residence yourself, you should be able to do so easily and get a good rental income as the town is so popular, and the weather is good for much of the year. If you are seeking a luxury villa or apartment in the hub of the south of France, then Fréjus is a great location.

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WHERE IS Fréjus?

Fréjus is located in the south-east of France, on the Riviera Mediterranean coast. It lies in the east of the Var department.

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Population: 45,000

Access: By air: Fly to Nice, Toulon or Marseille with a variety of airlines and departure points around the UK. By rail: The town of Fréjus lies on the main line between Paris and Italy. By road: The road that will take you to Fréjus is the A8.

Economy: Fréjus is a wealthy town with an economy which includes tourism and wine.

Interesting fact: In the Notre Dame Church in Fréjus there is an altar dedicated to the patron saint of lost objects!


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