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The resort of Hyères, which is found in the south of the Provence region of south-eastern France, is much more than just another Provençal town. Hyères includes a beautiful mediaeval city; a seaside resort once popular with Queen Victoria, Robert Louis Stevenson, Joseph Conrad and Leo Tolstoy; a peninsula with remarkable wildlife; and a small group of islands. As if this were not enough to tempt you to visit, Hyères is set in Provence's beautiful landscapes of lush green pine forests, lavender fields and seascapes of salt marshes, rocky coves and sandy beaches.

Mediaeval character

The old town of Hyères, the mediaeval city, is built on a hillside looking down on the seaside resort, the peninsula and the islands. You can make your way to the old city from the seaside resort. You pass through the pedestrianised (and well stocked!) shopping malls to the Porte Massillon, the ancient gateway which brings you into the maze of twisting streets ahead.

Place Massillon

The main square, the Place Massillon, is a big open square with a welcoming ambience. It offers a choice of excellent cafés and restaurants where you can sit and watch a little Provençal life pass by. (Or, as the French say, "Regardez passer les trains"!) The ancient Tower of Blaise (also called the Tour des Templiers, from its association with the Templar Knights) looks down on the activity in the square.

Mediaeval streets

Meanwhile all around is an intriguing twisting mass of mediaeval streets, narrow and frequently cobbled with big round stones. And at these higher levels you will find an observatory table and a vantage point, for looking down over the lovely Provençal plains which stretch below the town.

Listed Buildings

As you would expect of a town with so much history, there are a number of listed buildings and sites of interest which are well worth a visit. Take a look at the Collégiale Saint Paul, with its collections of plaques and paintings, and the Villa Noailles with its cubist gardens designed by Guévrékian.

Further exploration

There is a great park to explore too, with a wide variety of plants and flowers to enjoy. Allow yourself at least a full day in this old part of the town… you will need a separate twenty four hours to enjoy the seaside resort, and yet more for the peninsula and the islands!

La Route de Sel and the Îles de Hyères

The "Salt Route" is the name given to the road which takes you along the Giens Peninsula. This is due to the fact that it is bordered by salt flats, and marsh land which attracts and nurtures some of the most beautiful and rare wildlife and plants. From here you can relish the sight of lovely pink flamingos, herons and egrets, and also spot rare orchids, sea lilies and other unusual plants. From here you can also gaze out to the islands, which lie just off the coast, or take a boat trip to explore them.

The seaside resort

The seaside resort has long attracted British rich and famous, and with its superb climate and elegant buildings, it is still as appealing today. The resort was beloved of writers Conrad, Tolstoy and Robert Louis Stephenson. Queen Victoria too was known to spend winter breaks here, taking in the seaside air and enjoying the mild weather. This area of Hyères is the place to catch up with your shopping, as there is a great selection of shops to browse and enjoy!

Sports and leisure

As an established tourist attraction, Hyères offers an almost infinite variety of leisure and sporting opportunities. The coast offers all the usual swimming and sailing activities, and you can also find tennis, golf, walking trails, horse-riding and cycling available locally.

How to get there

To reach Hyères by air you can take a Ryanair flight direct from the UK to Toulon, which is the nearest airport to Hyères. You could also choose to fly to Nice, Marseille or Avignon. Nice is served by bmibaby, British Airways, easyJet, bmi Jet2, flybe, Air France and Aer Lingus; Marseille by British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and Aer Lingus; and Avignon by flybe. For those who prefer train travel, there is a TGV station at Marseilles which will link to a train to Toulon.

Property prices and availability in and around Hyères
The prices in and around Hyères reflect the fact that the town is situated on a highly desirable piece of prime Provençal coastline! Not for the bargain hunters, then or for the faint of heart, but there are compensations for those who buy here. Firstly, it is one of France's best loved holiday destinations, so the rental market is excellent. Secondly, all the advantages which make Hyères so expensive also make it a most delightful place to live!

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WHERE IS Hyères?

Hyères is located at the southernmost tip of the Provence region in the south-east of France. Its islands sit just to the south-east of the coast.

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Population: 51,412

Access: By air: Toulon is the nearest airport, and this is served by budget airline Ryanair. The TGV will take you to Marseille, from where a standard train will get you to Toulon.

Economy: The economy is influenced by horticulture, Hyères being a big producer of cut flowers and of exotic trees and plants. Tourism is also a very significant factor.

Interesting fact: Hyères was a favoured winter resort for the British glitterati of the 19th century, including Queen Victoria.


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