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Le Lavandou Property Listings and Info

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Le Lavandou - beach town extraordinaire!

The lovely resort town of Le Lavandou is found in the sun-soaked south of France, in the Provençal department of the Var. Set on the edge of one of the prettiest parts of the French Mediterranean, Le Lavandou may not be quite as trendy as St Tropez or Cannes, but this little town has no less than twelve beautiful beaches as well as a lively, well equipped centre and bags of charm. Each of the beaches has its own special features and you can choose to live it up on one such as L'Anglade with a buzzing, lively atmosphere or lose yourself in total tranquillity on beautiful L'Elephant or Rossignol.

Sights and attractions

The biggest attraction of Le Lavandou is, of course, in its twelve amazing beaches, but this pretty former fishing village exerts its charm in other ways too. Authentically Provençal, Le Lavandou has plenty of history and this is evident in the narrow streets, old houses and even in the town's name, which, contrary to popular belief, doesn't refer to the lavender that grows all around the area, but to the lavoirs, or wash houses which once existed in Le Lavandou.

Colourful marina and water sports on offer

Le Lavandou's international marina is a colourful hive of activity throughout the summer season, and the resort also boasts diving schools and access to other sea sports such as sailing and scuba diving.

Sample the town life

Simply wandering around Le Lavandou in a leisurely typically Provençal fashion is a pleasure in itself. However, Le Lavandou is well equipped to offer the further delights of excellent restaurants, good hotels should you wish to extend your stay, great shops and even a traditional street market which is the ideal place to snap up all those local specialities.

Wining and dining in Le Lavandou

Le Lavandou, being set on the Mediterranean Sea, loves to put fresh fish and seafood on its menus, and it is certainly worth taking advantage of this while dining in the town. Other gastronomic favourites include locally produced honey, olive oil and Provençal wines, of which the rosés are particularly good. And if you happen to be in Le Lavandou in March, there is a treat in store. The Corso Fleuri flower festival takes over Le Lavandou, with parades of flower bedecked floats in the streets, and dancing and partying 'til dawn.

Out and about

The department of the Var lies in one of France's most beautiful areas, and there is no end of interesting places to go, activities to take part in and pleasures to be had. Le Lavandou is as good as it gets for beaches, making it unnecessary to seek out different seaside towns, but a trip to the main city of Toulon is well worthwhile, as this thriving port town has a rich history and patrimony to discover as well as a lively and appealing ambience.

Gorges of Verdon

Inland in the Var you could do worse than make the trip to the stunning, awe-inspiring Gorges of Verdon, France's very own Grand Canyon, where turquoise waters flow between terrifyingly steep cliffs, and where the exciting sports of canyoning, rock climbing, rafting and many more can be experienced.

Explore ancient villages and pine forests

Beyond these two suggestions, there is still an embarrassment of choices of how to enjoy your time in the Var. The ancient villages, the lavender fields, the pine forests, vineyards, olive groves and the Mediterranean Sea all await you and are easily accessed from a base in Le Lavandou.

How to get there

To reach Le Lavandou you can fly to Marseille or Toulon, with Nice and Montpellier a little further away but still easily accessible. There are numerous airlines that offer direct flights to these airports from a selection of departure airports around the UK, including British Airways, Aer Lingus, easyJet and Ryanair, making travelling to the area simple and inexpensive. If driving, follow the N98 and then take the D559 or D41 to reach Le Lavandou. Meanwhile if you prefer the train, there are TGV stations at Marseille, Toulon, Cannes and Nice. The nearest stations are Toulon and Hyères, from where you can continue by bus, hire car or taxi.

Property prices and availability in and around Le Lavandou

Property in Le Lavandou is highly sought after, and this is the case with most of the Var, especially the towns beside the Med. Prices are usually high, although not as expensive as those found a little further east in the Nice area. Le Lavandou is a very popular resort town, so letting out your property when you are not using it is a very realistic way of recouping some of the initial costs.

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Le Lavandou AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Le Lavandou?

Le Lavandou is located in the south-east of France, in the very south of the Var department.

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Var Guide

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Population: 5,825

Access: By air: Fly to Marseille or Toulon. By rail: The TGV stations at Marseille, Toulon, Cannes and Nice offer the option of train travel. By road: If travelling by road you should take the D559 or D41 to the coast after leaving the N98.

Economy: Tourism is now a major force in the town's economy.

Interesting fact: The mayor of Le Lavandou once passed a by-law making it illegal to die in the town! This was done because permission had been refused for a new cemetery, and no space was left in the existing one.

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