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Star of the south

Saint Tropez is one of the most famous towns in France, thanks to its long held reputation as a playground of the rich and famous. The resort lies on a highly favoured part of the Mediterranean coast, where the combination of a fabulous climate, beautiful beaches, a lovely old town and an extremely lively social scene has given it the soubriquet of "star of the south".

And Bardot created Saint Tropez

Well, okay, the title of the film was really "And God Created Woman", but given that it was this film and perhaps more specifically, its iconic star Brigitte Bardot, that really placed Saint Tropez firmly on the map of fame, the altered title seems forgiveable! After this film came out, the rich and famous flocked to Saint Tropez in their thousands, and the town's name became synonymous with chic sophistication and jet set fun.

Saint Tropez today

A town, even one as famous as this can't trade on an old reputation forever, so is Saint Tropez all its cracked up to be? There is still a certain cachet to saying that you have visited the resort, and although its heyday as hangout to the stars has faded a little there is still a good chance of catching sight of some well known figures. Although these are perhaps more likely to be footballers wives than movie stars these days! Saint Tropez is, behind the façade of boutiques and souvenir shops, actually a surprisingly pretty and authentic old town, and even has a little culture to offer in the form of a good art gallery, a naval museum and a succession of interesting festivals and events.

Indulgence... Saint Tropez style

In a place as well equipped for self indulgence as Saint Tropez you have every excuse to... well, indulge. Saint Tropez has some wonderful bars, cafés and restaurants, and plenty of lively nightclubs to see the evening off in style. If star spotting is your thing, probably the best place to go is the Bodega de Papagayo, a restaurant and club situated in the old port. Another way to see the stars is to gaze up into the night sky... and not for the twinkling astral bodies either. Instead look out for the occupants of the helicopters which frequently are seen ferrying their wealthy passengers to and from the private villas which line the coast and the hillsides around the resort.

Beaches and sports

Saint Tropez has many small beaches and bays, and arguments rage over which are the best. Make up your own mind, but it may be worth starting with the beaches of the Baie de Pampelone, which is south of the town. These vary in what they have to offer in the way of facilities and activities, some having restaurants and cafés, some offering water sports such as jet skiing, speed boating, skiing and others. Some are more chic than others. However, all have beautiful warm blue waters and are well worth a day or two of your time in the town.

Victim of its own fame

There is sadly, a downside to all the glories of Saint Tropez. The roads and immediate surroundings of the town have suffered as a result of its fame. In high season, traffic can become pretty well gridlocked as tourists try to reach the resort. The immediate surroundings are also somewhat spoiled by the commercialism which tends to take over in such popular places, so you will have to travel a little way up into the hills to begin to experience the real beauty of the Provençal countryside.

How to get there

There are a number of airports close to Saint Tropez which offer flights directly from the UK. These are Toulon (Ryanair), Marseille (British Airways, Ryanair, Aer Lingus and easyJet), and Nice (Air France, British Airways, Aer Lingus, bmibaby, bmi, Jet2, flybe and easyJet). Meanwhile the TGV will take you to Marseille, or you can reach the resort by road following the excellent French autoroutes from Paris. Take the A6 to Lyon, the A7 to Orange and finally the A8 to the Cote-d'Azur. It's a long drive but a very interesting experience as you watch the changing towns and landscapes as you go from the from north to the south of this huge country.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Tropez

It is possible to purchase property in or around Saint Tropez if you aren't a millionaire, but you'll find that your money certainly doesn't stretch as far as in many other parts of France! Small apartments can be affordable (just!), but the exclusive luxury villas frequented by the helicopter set are out of reach of the budgets of all but the most fortunate.

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Saint Tropez AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Tropez?

Saint Tropez lies in the south-east of France, on the Mediterranean coast, in the south of the Var department.

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Var Guide

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Population: 5,542

Access: By air: Fly into Toulon, Nice or Marseille with a choice of airlines and departure airports around the UK. By rail: You can travel to Marseille on the TGV from Paris.By road: Follow the excellent French autoroutes from Paris.

Economy: Saint Tropez has long depended mainly on tourism for its income.

Interesting fact: The name Saint Tropez comes from the martyr, Saint Torpes, who was beheaded for refusing to recant his faith.


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