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Mediterranean city of light and colour

The wonderful city of Toulon is unmistakeably Mediterranean in every way. Full of light, colour and the aromas of Provence, Toulon lies in one of France's most enviable positions, on the Azure coast in the deep south of the country. Toulon lacks for nothing, as with its location comes a financial boost denied many less geographically fortunate and the city is a triumph of both art and nature, a place where ancient and modern combine with supreme success.

Great naval port

Toulon has always been an important naval port, and it remains the military port for the French navy in the Mediterranean. Besides the naval port there is a private marina, and a host of small craft can always be seen moored up here, adding to the colour and ambience of the city. Toulon is also the place of departure for sea trips to Corsica and Sardinia.

Fountains and historical sights

The city boasts no less than eighteen beautiful fountains, and just finding and viewing these can be a day trip in itself! Toulon is a historic centre in many ways, and its attractive old streets are host to many ancient buildings and hidden historic corners. You need to spend considerable time in the city to discover and appreciate everything. The Cathedral of St Marie de la Seds is well worth a little time, as is the St François de Paul Church. Before you finish sight seeing, check out the doors to the naval museum too!

Culture and fun

Whether you find your enjoyment in highbrow cultural activities or in humbler pursuits, Toulon will have something to offer you. The city's cultural programme is well developed, with museums, art galleries, a naval museum, a dance festival, a vast concert hall and varied music festivals.

Shopping and dining

There are also the joys of superb shopping and dining, with some of the country's best restaurants found within the city. Toulon also has several markets, which are full of wonderful Provençal scents and flavours, crafts and fashion. And needless to say, in a city of this size, there is no problem accessing any type of service such as medical care, tourist information, banks, hairdressers and other requirements.

Let's get physical...

As Olivia Newton John once famously sang, "Let's get physical"... and if its physical activity that you are seeking then you could have come to no better place. Toulon is only a stone's throw from some of the best beaches of the Mediterranean and here you will find all manner of water sports along with the tried and tested pastime of sunbathing. Heading inland you can explore Provence and all its attendant glories, with horse-riding, cycling and walking great ways of being active yet seeing an area considered by many to be the loveliest countryside in France.

How to get there

To reach Toulon is simple, as it lies in an area well served by both airlines, autoroutes and rail services. The nearest airport is in Toulon itself, which is served by Ryanair, the budget airline. Marseille, with its airport and TGV station is not far away, and Nice offers even more options. Marseille is served by British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and Aer Lingus, while Nice is served by British Airways, bmibaby, easyJet, bmi, Jet2, flybe, Air France and Aer Lingus.

Property prices and availability in and around Toulon

Sorry... the bad news is that property in and around Toulon is never going to be anything but pricey. Look what you get for your money though! Expensive it may be, but property here never seems to stop rising in value, and as the area is such a great holiday favourite there will always be good rental potential too. Properties available range from studio apartments in the town to old country properties in the surrounding countryside.

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WHERE IS Toulon?

Toulon is located in the far south-east of France, in the south-west of the Var department on the Mediterranean coast.

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Population: 166,442

Access: By air: Fly to Toulon with Ryanair, or to Marseille or Nice for a greater choice of airlines and departure points in the UK. By rail: Take the TGV from Paris to Marseille.

Economy: The economy of Toulon is varied and thriving. Traditionally a great naval base, its port is still important. Tourism is also a force in the economy of Toulon.

Interesting fact: Toulon has no less than eighteen beautiful and historic fountains in the city.


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