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Trans en Provence Property Listings and Info

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Trans en Provence - an authentic village

Provence has both benefited from and suffered from its popularity over the years. Many of its beautiful towns and villages have become, as the French say, "trop touristique", that is, spoiled by the march of tourist development and an overflow of visitors every summer. Trans en Provence, a village which lies roughly halfway between the Med and the mountains, is one of the few that has escaped the twin blessing and curse of tourism. Thus it remains authentic and true to itself, with a lovely setting and some interesting original features.

Waterfalls and prehistoric caves

One of the prettiest features of the village is its setting, on the River Nartuby, with its sparkling series of waterfalls adding a musical soundtrack to life in Trans, as well as a spectacular visual treat. Those interested in days long gone will be intrigued to know that there are caves around the village which date back to prehistoric times. The village has little in the way of big tourist attractions, but it is worth taking a good look at the lovingly restored façade of the Hotel de Ville.

UFO sighting

There is a futuristic aspect to the village which never fails to fascinate too, as Trans en Provence was the site of a well documented UFO sighting that sparked great interest when the French government arrived to take samples for analysis!

Village life...

Life in Trans en Provence is lived fairly quietly, yet to a high standard with all amenities on hand and plenty of pleasant ways to relax too. The village offers a good selection of shops, with pretty much everything you are likely to need to hand, and some charming restaurants to tempt you with the delicious local fare.

Trans en Provence's cuisine

The cuisine is typically Provençal, making the best of all the seasonal and local produce, so expect to enjoy good wines, excellent olive oils, and tasty dishes based on a combination of the wines, the olives, the oils and with the addition of tomatoes. There can hardly be a combination of flavours and textures so redolent of Provence and of the sunshine.

Out and about

The village lies between the mountains and the Mediterranean, and the diverse landscape that leads from one to another entices exploration and invites you to participate in a great variety of activities that have sprung from the natural environment. The warm, calm Med is perfect for long, lazy days spent swimming, sailing and sun bathing, while the rushing waters of the gorges and rivers offer chances to try the adventure sports of rafting, kayaking and canyoning. The tourist development of much of the area also means that there are golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and even nightclubs and casinos around to enjoy, should the mood take you.

How to get there

To reach Trans en Provence you can fly to Marseille or Toulon, or perhaps to Nice or Montpellier. Marseille is served by British Airways, bmibaby, Aer Lingus, easyJet and Ryanair; Toulon by Ryanair; Nice by British Airways, Air France, Aer Lingus, easyJet, bmi, Jet2 and flybe; and Montpellier by easyJet and Ryanair. If driving, you can find Trans en Provence from following the A8/E80 and then the N555. Trains will also offer the chance of easy travel, as there are stations at nearby Draguignan and also at Les Arcs.

Property prices and availability in and around Trans en Provence

Provence is usually on the expensive side, as its charms are well known and many people dream of owning property there. The upside to this is that those who do own a property in the region are unlikely to see its value fall, even in tough times, as there is only so much Provence to go around, and there is always someone who wants to buy a piece of it! Trans en Provence has property for relatively low prices, as it is not so well known as villages that lie a little closer to the coast.

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Trans en Provence AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Trans en Provence?

Trans en Provence is located in the south-east of France. It lies slightly to the east of the centre of the Var department.

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Population: 4,861

Access: By air: Fly to Marseille or Toulon. By road: The village is easily accessed from the A8 followed by the N555.

Economy: Agriculture is the basis of the economy. The traditional industries of wine and olive oil production are still in existence here.

Interesting fact: Trans en Provence was the site of a famous UFO sighting, and, allegedly, landing.

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