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Vinon sur Verdon - under the Provençal sun

The charming old village of Vinon sur Verdon is situated in the sun-kissed south of France, in the Provençal department of the Var. The village receives so much sunshine, in fact, that it has become a leading light in the push to produce "green" energy, with an established solar farm. Vinon sur Verdon lies in stunningly beautiful countryside, close to the "Grand Canyon of France", the Gorges of Verdon.

Sights and attractions

The village possesses an immense, mellow charm, with narrow streets winding gently up a hillside, flanked by original houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is one of France's "Ville Fleuries", a village of flowers, which is similar to Britain's "Village in Bloom" awards. Vinon sur Verdon has a lovely, typically Provençal atmosphere, and although it appeals to tourists it has managed to remain peaceful and unspoiled. Monuments worth a look in the village include a 12th century church, a clock tower and the ruins of a castle.

Gorges of Verdon on the doorstep

Pretty as the village is, it is, however, the natural surroundings that put Vinon sur Verdon right on the tourist map. It lies just a stone's throw away from France's very own spectacular "Grand Canyon", the Gorges of Verdon. Here, the azure waters flow through a natural canyon which is the deepest in Europe, whose cliff sides can be as high as 1,000 feet. It is a place of incredible natural beauty, and also one of the best places in the world for adventure sports such as rock climbing, canyoning and other white knuckle outdoor sports.

Busy in summer, tranquil in winter

Vinon sur Verdon is a village rather than a town, so don't expect great sophistication in its facilities, but there are very pleasant cafés, restaurants and shops in the village. The surrounding area offers a wider choice, with well known good sized towns nearby, and some excellent hotels and restaurants within easy reach in the countryside. In summer, the village can become quite busy with visitors attracted by the Gorges, but in winter Vinon sur Verdon reverts to its tranquil self.

Out and about

The location of Vinon sur Verdon in the Var offers a million possibilities when it comes to discovering the lovely south of France. From Aix en Provence to Toulon, there are important towns and cities to visit, while the sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches of resorts like Le Lavandou are also within easy reach. The vineyards and olive groves of the Provençal countryside provide a beautiful backdrop to anywhere you decide to travel, the department being home to many authentic historical villages too, that are rich in monuments and interest.

Visit the nearby Pre-historic Museum

Nearer to home, just outside the village, there is a wonderful Pre-historic Museum, where it isn't only the exhibits that are of interest, but also the construction and cutting edge design of the museum itself.

How to get there

The nearest airports are those of Marseille and Toulon, with Nice and Montpellier a little further away but still easily accessible. There are numerous airlines that offer direct flights to these airports from a selection of departure airports around the UK, including British Airways, Aer Lingus, easyJet and Ryanair, making travelling to the area simple and inexpensive. Alternatively, should you prefer taking the train, the TGV station at Aix en Provence is close by, while those driving should follow the A51 and then D952, which will take you to Vinon sur Verdon.

Property prices and availability in and around Vinon sur Verdon

Unfortunately, there is little property in the Var that is truly cheap, as the area is so desirable and its charms well documented. However, diligent searching can turn up some surprisingly reasonable possibilities, with old village houses not too expensive and new build "lotissement" housing often found on the edges of towns. The countryside around Vinon is a rich hunting ground for prestige property, for those lucky enough to have the resources.

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Vinon sur Verdon AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Vinon sur Verdon?

Vinon sur Verdon is located in the south-east of France. It lies in the north-west of the Var department.

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Population: 3,799

Access: By air: Fly to Marseille or Toulon. By rail: The TGV station at Aix en Provence is the nearest station. By road: Follow the A51 and D952, which will take you to Vinon sur Verdon.

Economy: The village's economy benefits from tourism as well as the more traditional agricultural industry. It is also involved in producing solar energy.

Interesting fact: Vinon sur Verdon is a leading light in the drive to produce sustainable "green" energy, with a cutting edge solar farm.

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