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Quintessentially Provençal

If your dreams of living in France were born from reading Peter Mayle's evocative account of his first year in Provence, then you really mustn't miss the opportunity to take a look at Apt. Situated right in the heart of Peter Mayle country, as it has come to be known to many devotees of the book, Apt brings the book to life in a way that takes your breath away. The old town, once walled all around, has quaint narrow winding streets that twist and turn between the old houses whose fading stuccoed façades seem to absorb the sunshine and radiate it back to you. The little squares, shaded by trees and cooled by sparkling fountains, invite you to sit and soak up the atmosphere of the town, in an atmosphere that incorporates many hundreds of years of history and reflects this in every stone.

Experience pure pleasure

Dining in the town is a pure pleasure, as the soil around Apt is known for being extremely fertile and local produce is served with pride and expertise in the charming restaurants. Locally produced wines are world famous, and other delicacies you must try include honey (produced from the pollen of the lavender plants which carpet the fields and hillsides here), truffles and the particular speciality of the town, crystallised fruits. Delicious, but watch your waistline!

History and culture

With its history as an early Roman conquest, Apt has plenty of culture to offer. There is a museum with fascinating artefacts from Roman times, and there is also much remaining of the ancient town's buildings, such as ramparts, the old clock tower and a cathedral.

Olive groves and lavender fields

Apt benefits from one of the most beautiful locations in France, being in the heart of the Natural Reserve of the Luberon. Olive groves, with their silvery leaves rustle in the summer breezes, and the lavender fields which help to provide both delicious honey and also essential oils for the perfume industry, stretch as far as the eye can see. There is so much to enjoy here, tastes, sounds, scents and sights. Apt is a feast for the senses!

How to get there

There are airports at Nice, Marseilles and Montpellier with flights to and from the UK. The TGV fast train runs from Paris to Avignon, which is around 40 miles away. If you enjoy the drive through France you will take the aptly (!) named Autoroute du Soleil.

Property prices in and around Apt

Property around the town of Apt is some of the loveliest in France, with classic blue shuttered farmhouses abounding. It is not, however, cheap, as the region is now so hugely popular with all nationalities, many of them British, inspired to move to the region by the Peter Mayle book. Apt is perhaps still cheaper than the coast, however, and if you want to live in glorious Provence, this town should definitely be on your viewing list!

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Apt is found in the south of France, in the south-east of the Vaucluse department. It lies almost equidistant from this department's borders with Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

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Vaucluse Guide

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Population: 11,488

Access: By air: Fly to Nice, Marseilles, Montpellier.By rail: TGV to Avignon.By road: Autoroute du Soleil.

Economy: Wonderfully gastronomic! Wine, honey, truffles and crystallised fruits are some of the mainstays of the economy of Apt!

Interesting fact: Apt is in the very heart of the Luberon area, the setting for Peter Mayle's famous book "A Year in Provence". The popularity of the book has massively increased the popularity of the area.


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