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Crest Property Listings and Info

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Lovely old market town

The town of Crest, which lies on the right bank of the River Drôme in south-eastern France, is a lovely old market town which has a notable claim to fame. The Tower of Crest, which is the old castle keep standing on a hilltop above the town, is the highest tower in all of France, at an impressive 170 feet high.

Gateway between Provence and the Alps

This makes an understandable draw for tourists, but Crest has much more to offer than just a tower. It's in a beautiful and unique situation between the olive groves and lavender fields of Provence and the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. The dark forests of the Vercors Nature Reserve are close by as are the dramatic gorges of the Ardêche.

Charming and historical

The town itself is utterly charming, with picturesque winding streets, attractive old houses built of sun-baked stone and higgledy piggledy terracotta rooftops contrasting happily with the bright blue skies. Many of the little alleyways have ancient arches overhead, producing a welcome shade and sun dappled effect that only adds to the rustic charm. The church has some imposing stone columns above the main portal, and there are many intriguing historical buildings hidden in corners of this pretty town.

Wining, dining and shopping... the three graces!

The three great pleasures of many towns in France are found here in abundance... namely, wining, dining and shopping! As a tourist trap, the town is well supplied with shops, and also equipped to please with its cafés, restaurants and bars. These are all of a high standard and serve local specialities and good Provençal wines. Add to this the delights of the market, where the fresh local produce and other goodies are offered for sale at bargain prices each week, and you have a recipe for a town which is extremely appealing. Treat yourself to some lavender honey, a bottle or two of Provençal rosé, or perhaps a gaily coloured waxed cloth for a truly authentic look at your outdoor dining table.

Sports and more

The rich natural diversity of the countryside around the town lends itself to a massive range of sports and leisure activities. You can drive into the Alps in less than two hours to reach the mountain and ski resorts, or you can head south to Provence and the Mediterranean coast. To the west, the gorges of the Ardêche call you to try canyoning, rafting and rock climbing, whereas the beautiful Vercors Nature Reserve is a must for those who love walking, horse-riding and sight seeing. Also available locally are tennis, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, and paragliding. Or if you have a head for heights, you can always try abseiling down the Tower of Crest!

For the less sporty

For those whose leisure activities are less sporty, this is a great area for gourmet dining and wine tasting... so there really is something for everyone! There is a well respected jazz festival held every summer too, and this is well worth catching if you enjoy this type of music.

How to get there

To reach Crest you can fly to Grenoble, Avignon or St Etienne. Grenoble is served by easyJet and Ryanair, Avignon by flybe and St Etienne by Ryanair. Valence, which lies to the north and west of the town, has a TGV station, which makes rail travel a good choice. Driving on the D538 will get you to Crest by road.

Property prices and availability in and around Crest

Property in the south-east of France does tend to be expensive, but in the Drôme you will find many of the benefits of Provence and the Alps without the sky high prices. Country properties and traditional stone houses are very desirable, but there are some superb new build villas on the market also. Property prices are rising steadily though, so to buy now would be a wise idea, rather than to hang back until the prices rival those of the neighbouring Vaucluse!

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Crest is located in south-east France, in the west of the Drôme department on the River Drôme.

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Population: 4,000

Access: By air: Fly to Avignon (flybe), St Etienne (Ryanair) or Grenoble (Ryanair, easyJet). By rail: Take the TGV to Valence. By road: The town lies near the D538.

Economy: The economy is based on silk worm breeding, silk spinning, manufacture of woollen goods, leather, cement and paper. There is also a thriving truffle trade.

Interesting fact: Crest has the highest tower in France, standing 170 feet high. It stands on a hilltop overlooking the town, and has amazing panoramic views of the surrounding country. The tower was once the castle keep, then was later used as a prison.

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