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Town in a nature reserve

The town of Die (pronounced "dee") lies within the boundaries of the beautiful Vercors Nature Reserve in the Drôme department of the south-east of France. In many ways more Provençal than Provence, the town enjoys a glorious sunny climate, pretty historic streets and houses, and is surrounded by the beautiful Vercors Nature Reserve. All this, and within easy reach of the Alps too... in common parlance, Die is a place to die for!

Ancient alleys and floral displays

Die is a town which is clearly loved by its inhabitants. Everywhere you go you will notice that the town is clean, cared for and proudly displayed. The narrow alleyways are bordered by old houses with freshly painted shutters and flower-filled window boxes. The fountains which enhance certain corners of Die are well maintained, bubbling and sparkling in the sunshine like the champagne type wine for which the town is justly famed.

Charming shops and restaurants

The town has a good selection of charming places to eat and to shop, without ever seeming overburdened with commercialism. There are boulangeries, of course (what self respecting French town would be without one?), and wine caves, cafés and bookshops... and a lovely jewellery shop for those romantic or self indulgent moments which seem to occur in a setting such as Die! When dining out, do try the local speciality wine... Clairette de Die, a sparkling white wine which locals claim is better than champagne!

Fields of dreams

The hills near to Die are often banked high with aromatic lavender, and at the harvesting time the air is redolent with the sweet spicy scent of this essentially southern plant. It is a scent that you will forever associate with the Drôme... the scent of lavender, the swishing sound of the pine trees in the breeze, and the clean fresh taste of the sparkling Clairette. It's the stuff of dreams...

What to do in Die

Die has some interesting cultural and historical areas, and there is a museum in the centre of town that charts the history of the region... its Roman history, its Middle Ages existence and its place in the Wars of Religion. The countryside around the town makes it a ramblers' paradise, and even in the heat of summer the deep shade of the Vercors forests make walking a pleasure. Many sports can easily be accessed from Die, and the wonderful diversity of the Drôme landscapes make all things possible... from skiing in winter to kayaking and canyoning in summer.

How to get there

To reach Die form the UK you could choose to fly to one of several airports, with Avignon, St Etienne and Grenoble all good choices. Avignon is served by flybe, St Etienne by Ryanair, and Grenoble by Ryanair and easyJet. Train travel is another possibility, with a TGV station at nearby Valence, or you can, of course, undertake the long but fascinating drive through France, finishing on the D93, which will take you to Die.

Property prices and availability in and around Die

Property in the Drôme is still a little cheaper than that in Provence or the Alps, but prices are rising steadily. It seems set to be the "new Provence", so if you are considering buying in this area it could prove to be a wise investment.

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Die lies in the south-east of France in the east of the Drôme department, close to the Drôme's border with Isère.

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Population: 4,451

Access: By air: Fly to St Etienne (Ryanair), Grenoble (Ryanair or easyJet) or Avignon (flybe). By rail: The TGV runs to nearby Valence. By road: You can find the town off the D93 road.

Economy: The economy includes several small businesses and industries such as handcrafted furniture. But the biggest influence on the economy, after the production of the famous local sparkling wine, is probably tourism.

Interesting fact: The delicious sparkling white wine, Clairette de Die, which is made in the town, is known as the Champagne of the Drôme.

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