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Where the olive trees whisper...

The town of Nyons, which lies in the sun-blessed south-east of France, just above Provence, is the olive producing capital of the country. For centuries this strange, bitter fruit, which readily gives up its liquid gold juices to enhance the flavours of so many Mediterranean dishes, has been grown and processed here, in the groves and mills which abound in the area around the town.

Modern and mediaeval

Nyons is, in essence, a mediaeval fortified market town, yet has also developed a thriving modern side which encompasses state of the art health and leisure facilities alongside the ancient streets and sun baked stones.

The riches of the south

Nyons is blessed with all of the natural riches of the south. Its olive trees, with their delicate silvery leaves and gnarled trunks; the aromatic herbs of lavender, thyme and basil, which grow wild under the hot southern sun and soak the warm summer air with their spicy scents; the precious and rare black truffles, hiding among the roots of ancient oaks; the tender shoots of asparagus peeping up in the spring; and the delicious honey which drizzles so divinely onto locally made goats cheese... not to mention the excellent wines which are produced from the grapes that thrive in this fertile, warm and stony land. If earth has a paradise, you could be forgiven for calling it by the name of Nyons.

Old town… new pleasures

The old parts of Nyons are interesting and pretty. Take walk around the old quarter, "Les Forts", enjoying the atmosphere and history which is literally baked into the ancient stones and streets. See the impressive Roman bridge, or take a trip to an olive farm to see for yourself the age old process by which these hard little fruits are turned into delicious oils. Visit the Truffle Centre and Truffle Museum, where you can find out about the fascinating history of this precious fungus. Try wine tasting at some of the excellent local vineyards, or turn to more contemporary pleasures.

Nyons's facilities

Have a swim at the fabulous swim centre in town, enjoy a shopping spree or perhaps visit the cinema. Nyons has everything you could want or need… and more besides. There are schools and big supermarkets, doctors and vets, banks and boulangeries!

Out and about

Thanks to its enviable location, Nyons is an ideal base for reaching many different destinations. You can take a trip to the Mediterranean Sea, spend some time in France's second city, Marseille, see the gorges of the Ardêche or get into the dramatic mountains of the Alps. All around are beautiful villages, ancient churches, landscapes decorated with the purples and blues of lavender and the silver green of olive trees and the sounds of bees and birds.

Sports available

There are many sports available, thanks to the diverse countryside, with some of the most enjoyable being the simple pleasures of walking, cycling or horse-riding. These allow you to really discover the Drôme Provençal in all its glory. Visit the Vercors Nature Reserve, go to Montelimar to eat the nougat, or for something really unusual, head for the town of Crest and abseil down the highest tower in France!

How to get there

To reach Nyons from the UK you have various possibilities. Air travel gives you the option of flying to Avignon (flybe), Nîmes (Ryanair) or Marseille (British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus). Rail travel will take you by TGV to Valence, or you can of course, choose to drive (the long option, but an absolutely fascinating trip).

Property prices and availability in and around Nyons

Although property prices here are still a little cheaper than those found in Provence or the Alpine ski resorts, the trend is towards this... although you will have a greater chance of finding renovation properties in the Drôme. Lesser known than its illustrious neighbours, this is one of France's best kept secrets... but it's a secret that more and more people are discovering, so don't hang around!

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Nyons is located in the south-east of France, in the very south of the Drôme department, on the Aygues River.

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Population: 7,000

Access: By air: Fly into Avignon (flybe), Nîmes (Ryanair), or Marseille (BA, easyJet, Ryanair or Aer Lingus). By rail: The TGV goes to nearby Avignon, so train travel is a good alternative to flying.

Economy: The town has long been known as the olive producing centre of France, and this forms the mainstay of the economy. Other significant influences are truffles, wines, lavender and honey.

Interesting fact: Nyons is renowned not only for its olives and olive products, but also for the Black Diamond Truffles which were discovered here centuries ago.

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