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Picture postcard pretty

The resort of Morzine, high in the French Alps, is an Alpine village that is as pretty as a picture. The chalet style houses are set in one of the most outstandingly beautiful areas of the Alps, and the village has been designed and built with respect for the stunning natural landscape. The heavily forested slopes are in turn a sparkling, snow laden Christmas card backdrop to the ski slopes in winter and a lush, green, shady haven from the powerful sun in summer. The village is known as a family friendly resort, and this is as true of the summer season as it is of the winter ski season.

Originally a simple mountain village

Morzine began life as a simple mountain village, whose inhabitants survived by pursuing the traditional mountain occupations of agriculture (summer pasture for sheep, goats and cows) and the extraction of slate, of which the mountains are a rich source.

A resort for all seasons

In the 1930s, however, a man named Francois Baud, who came from Morzine but who had moved away to become a lawyer, gave up studying law and returned to Morzine to revitalise his home town. He saw the potential of the village, establishing hotels and laying the foundations for the town to become an important force in Upper Chablais tourism. Morzine is as popular in summer as it is in winter, due in part to its outstandingly attractive looks, but also due to the vision of Francois Baud, who realised that tourists can be attracted to the mountains in all seasons if the right facilities are in place.

Hot chocolate and cheese tasting!

Morzine is not particularly large, but it is absolutely charming, and offers all the amenities you would expect in a much larger resort. There is excellent shopping available, and if you are looking for that special something you can browse the traditional craft shops which have selections of Savoyard pottery, wooden goods and slates. There is a supermarket and a regular street market on a Wednesday morning. The charcuterie is especially good, as is the cheese. If you enjoy cheese, you might like to go the Tourist Office in the Place de l'Office de Tourisme, where there is an English language weather forecast pinned to the wall, and free hot chocolate and cheese tasting on offer on Saturday afternoons!

Dining out and more

Dining out is a great pleasure in Morzine, as there are many restaurants of all types and cuisines. Those with teenagers may like to offload them at the burger bar before going on to settle for an evening of Savoyard gastronomic delights, such as Berthoud, Diots or a delicious fondue. There are also discos, cinemas, bars and an ice rink.

For the sporty… a paradise!

Morzine is a sportsman's paradise in any season. In winter there are excellent facilities for skiing, boarding, sledging, skating and snow shoeing, and summer also brings a host of exciting possibilities. You can paraglide, horse-ride, donkey trek, mountain bike, rock climb or fish, and for those who are drumming their fingers waiting for the first snows to arrive so they can ski again, there is the new sport of Mountain Boarding, which uses special skateboards with large wheels to reproduce the thrills and sensations of snow boarding… without the need for snow!

How to get there

If you want to get to Morzine by air you can fly to Chambery or Geneva. Chambery is served by flybe and Jet2, whilst Geneva offers direct flights from the UK with British Airways, easyJet, flybe and Jet2. Aer Lingus also serves Geneva with direct flights from Ireland. Rail travel is simple too, as you can travel by Eurostar to Paris or Lille, then change to a TGV which will get you to Cluses, some 28 kilometres from Morzine. From here you can get a bus transfer onto Morzine.

Morzine Property prices and availability

Property in Morzine is quite expensive as it is a very desirable place to live or to own a holiday home. The quality of property is good, with chalet style houses the most abundant.

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WHERE IS Morzine?

Morzine is located in eastern France high in the French Alps, in the north-east of the Haute-Savoie department, close to the French/Swiss border.

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Population: 3,000

Access: By air: Fly to Geneva or Chambery. By rail: There is a TGV station at Cluses, 28 kilometres from Morzine. Bus transfers available.

Economy: Traditionally the economy revolved around mountain agriculture and slate extraction. Nowadays the main economic influence is sporting tourism.

Interesting fact: In 1960, the name of Morzine became famous as the home town of Jean Vuarnet, the skier who won the prestigious Men's Downhill event in the Olympic Games in Squaw Valley.


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