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Mountain Passy...

It's a terrible pun, but the town of Passy is set right in the dramatic mountains of the High Savoie (Haute-Savoie) in eastern France, and hence perhaps excuses, or at least invites, the play on words! Passy is, like many other mountain towns, a popular destination not just for skiers and snowboarders, but also for all those who love the Alps and appreciate their freshness and beauty. Passy is also popular with those whose spirit of adventure takes them into the mountains in the summer months as well as during the snowy winters, to face the different challenges of sheer rocks, soaring peaks and rushing white water.

A place of healing

Passy has an interesting history, and part of this history concerns its role as a centre of recovery for sufferers of the terrible disease of tuberculosis. Back in the 1920s and 1930s the disease was exacting a terrible toll on the population of the towns and cities and the pure mountain air at Passy proved just the ticket for aiding recovery. Huge sanatoriums were built here during these years to deal with the problem, and these buildings in turn became redundant as the wonder drug penicillin proved even more effective then mountain air alone. Some of the sanatoriums were demolished, but others survive today, although in altered form, and now may even serve as holiday accommodation for skiers and climbers!

What to see in Passy

Passy has places of historical and cultural interest as well as its undeniable beautiful views and sporting facilities. There is a lovely church, now classified as an historical monument, whose design and construction involved the co-operation of many talented and famous artists. Thus it has some wonderful examples of arts such as stained glass windows, tapestries, paintings, bronzes and ceramic sculptures. There are other sculptures to discover in Passy too, in the open air and accessible to all.

Shopping, dining and aprés ski

Passy is able to offer just about everything you need to make a complete life in the town as well as equipping you for a comfortable holiday. Skiers can access hire shops for all their equipment, and other sports are catered for too with both hire and purchase of essential equipment possible. There are also general shops in Passy, including a boucherie and fromagerie, and banks and health care services. All types of aprés ski are available, with bars, restaurants and a lively social scene for all ages.

Skiing and other sports

Passy is connected to many famous ski areas, including Chamonix and Mont Blanc, so there is no shortage of superb skiing to be found here. All seasons are good in Passy if you are a sports fan, as the lake is a perfect place to partake in sailing, swimming and fishing. The area round the lake also offers many other activities, with quad biking and go-karting, an adventure park, mini golf, and even dog sledding ( in the winter season). Nearby there is access to rock climbing, hydro speed and white water rafting, for those with a serious taste for adventure.

How to get there

The best airports to head for are Lyon, Geneva, Grenoble or Chambéry. Lyon is served by Air France, British Airways, easyJet and bmi; Geneva by British Airways, Air France, easyJet, flybe, Jet2 and Aer Lingus; Grenoble by Ryanair and easyJet; and Chambéry by flybe, Jet2 and Astraeus. Possibly an even better option, though, would be to travel from the UK on the TGV or ski express train, as you can get all the way from England to Bourg St Maurice or Moûtiers. Otherwise there are railway stations at Sallanches, St Gervais les Bains and Chamonix which are very close to Passy, which would just mean you taking local trains for some of the journey. Drivers should take the A40 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Passy

Property in the resort town of Passy, with its stunning views of Mont Blanc and access to superb skiing and other mountain sports is not cheap. There are some fabulous properties on the market at the time of writing, however, including opportunities to purchase a hotel for renovation which could prove to be a very exciting business opportunity in this tourism driven region.

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Passy is located in the Alps, in eastern France. It lies in the south-east of the Haute-Savoie department.

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Population: 10,104

Access: By air: Fly to Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble or Chambéry. By rail: The nearest railway stations are at Sallanches and St Gervais les Bains, with a TGV stop at Bourg St Maurice. By road: Passy is located from the A40 auto route.

Economy: The economy concerns tourism, jam making and electrometallurgy.

Interesting fact: The purity of the mountain air at Passy made it a centre for the treatment of tuberculosis in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these sanatoriums have now been converted into holiday accommodation.


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