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Saint Paul en Chablais Property Listings and Info

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Saint Paul en Chablais - a lively Alpine town

The town of Saint Paul en Chablais is a lively and pleasant town with a stunning natural heritage as well as an interesting historical heritage. Ideal as a base for holidays that offer skiing and other mountain sports, the town is also well suited to permanent living in the French Alps, having excellent facilities for family life. Saint Paul lies near the lovely lake of Beunaz, and within easy reach of Lake Geneva.

Well equipped town offering all amenities

Saint Paul en Chablais is no "purpose built only" resort, which makes it a good location for anyone wishing to buy property with a view to more permanent living or staying for longer periods of time than an occasional fortnight holiday. In town you can find all amenities and everyday necessities such as doctors, dentists, library, shops and services. Bars and restaurants add to the enjoyment of life in Saint Paul. There are schools too, and lots of activities for kids to enjoy a really happy, healthy mountain lifestyle. The heritage of Saint Paul en Chablais meanwhile offers several historic buildings, with the old bell tower being under a reconstruction programme.

Great skiing, a lovely lake, mountain sports and yoga on offer

The town offers access to some of the best skiing in the French Alps, with Chamonix, Megève and Morzine all nearby. In addition to skiing, many other snow or summer mountain sports are available, and the town also offers yoga classes for those who prefer a more meditative approach to health and fitness. Lake Beunaz, on the edge of the town, is great in summer for swimming and relaxing, and all around the town you will be able to enjoy walking in some of France's most stunning scenery.

Explore lovely Lake Geneva

The location of Saint Paul en Chablais means that you can reach all the famous Alpine towns and attractions easily. Lake Geneva (Lac Léman to the French), is an absolute must visit. It has an exceptional view, a lovely town (brilliant for shopping and dining) and offers leisurely sight seeing boat rides on the great lake, as well as a variety of water sports. The spa town of Evian les Bains is also well worth the trip.

Cheese lovers will be in their element

Around the town there are a number of farms that produce typical Savoyard goodies such as delicious cheeses and dishes such as Fondue and Raclette, and some of these are open to visitors to demonstrate the processes by which the cheeses are made, and to allow you to buy the authentic products to take home.

How to get there

Geneva is the best airport for accessing the town, offering direct flights from the UK with a multitude of airlines. Lyon and Chambéry airports are also possible options. You can also travel by rail as the Haute-Savoie is well served by "ski special" trains, Eurostar and TGV services. The town is found near the D21 for those who are driving to Saint Paul.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Paul en Chablais

Although Alpine property is usually on the expensive side, there are variations from area to area. At the luxury end of the market you will need a lot of money to enjoy the high life around Saint Paul, with properties in excess of 1,000,000 Euros not unusual, but equally it is also possible to find very attractive and well placed studio properties for around 50,000 Euros in the surrounding areas.

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Saint Paul en Chablais AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Paul en Chablais?

Saint Paul en Chablais is found in the east of France. It lies in the very north of the Haute-Savoie department.

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Population: 2,100

Access: By air: Fly to Geneva. By rail: The TGV and Eurostar will take you to several locations near the resort. By road: The resort is easily accessed from the D21.

Economy: The economy is based on mountain tourism and agriculture.

Interesting fact: Saint Paul en Chablais has access to great skiing, being close to Chamonix, Megève and Morzine.

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