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Tradition, scenery and skiing too!

SamoŽns is a charming village that lays claim to 9,729 hectares of prime Alpine territory, ranging from 710m to 2,500m in height. It is a traditional Savoyard market town, consisting of a mixture of wooden and stone built houses, reflecting the history and craftsmanship of the region. It is known to be less frenetic than some of the neighbouring ski resorts, but has equal access to the superb skiing for which the French ski resorts are famed.

Sports for all seasons

Best known as a ski resort, SamoŽns offers an extensive range of winter sports as well as some of the best skiing in the Alps, thanks to its own 28 slopes and access links to the Grand Massif. The adventurous can try sports such as dog sledding, climbing frozen waterfalls and heli-skiing, while on offer for those who prefer gentler pursuits are snowshoe walking and a variety of AprŤs Ski activities in the great selection of bars and restaurants in the town! SamoŽns isn't just a snow resort, however, as its beauty in Summer attracts all those who appreciate wildlife and stunning scenery and activities such as white water sports, climbing and hang gliding.

A place of great interest

Perhaps unusually for a ski resort, SamoŽns is quite unspoilt and has been declared a "Town of Artistic, Architectural and Historic Interest". Its chapels and expert stonecutting traditions make it a place of great interest and also worthy of note is the Great Linden Tree which stands in the centre of the town, and which was planted in 1438.

How to get there

You can fly into Geneva or Lyons and then travel by road to reach SamoŽns, or take Eurostar from London to Bourg St. Maurice, again completing your journey by road.

Property prices and availability in Samoens

Property in Alpine ski resorts rarely comes cheap and SamoŽns is no exception to this rule. Careful searching, however, can pay dividends and you don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy SamoŽn's delights if you opt for a traditionally constructed chalet which can be bought for less than half the price you would pay in, for example, better known resorts such as Chamonix.

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WHERE IS Samoens?

SamoŽns is situated in the Chablais area of the French Alps. In the east of the Haute Savoie (74) department in the region of the RhŰne-Alpes.

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Population: 2,324

Access: By air to Geneva (1 hour 30 minutes away) or Lyon (3 hours away)By rail, Eurostar to Bourg St Maurice, then road A41 to Geneva and A40 to SamoŽns.

Economy: Winter and summer tourism and agriculture.

Interesting fact: SamoŽns is the only ski resort in France which has been named a "Town of Artistic, Architectural and Historic Interest" due to the quality of its traditional architecture and buildings.


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