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Sixt Fer à Cheval Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Sixt Fer à Cheval

Sixt Fer à Cheval - a traditional, peaceful ski resort

Alpine ski resorts tend to come in two distinct types. There are the big, lively (to the point sometimes of rowdy!) purpose built resorts. These have modern apartment blocks and a very lively après-ski scene. Then there are the traditional Savoyard villages, with picturesque chalets and ancient buildings. This second type tends to be quieter, with a calmer après-ski scene. This is centred more on small bars and restaurants than nightclubs and discos, but the resorts still offer good access to the slopes. Sixt Fer à Cheval is definitely of the second type. It is the ideal location for property seekers who want a traditional atmosphere and like to be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains in relative peace.

Heritage of Sixt Fer à Cheval

One of the advantages of a village such as Sixt Fer à Cheval is that not only does it offer great skiing and other mountain sports, it is also blessed with a rich natural and built heritage. The natural heritage is all around you. As soon as you arrive in the village you will be struck by the stunning beauty of the surroundings. Venture a little further afield and you will find numerous beautiful waterfalls, walking trails and gorges. The nature reserve is known as the Cirque du Fer à Cheval, and is comprised of awe-inspiring scenery. You can visit the House of the Nature Reserve to discover more about this wonderful area of the Alps. Sixt Fer à Cheval also offers the 12th century Abbey of Sixt, a 13th century church and no less than nine old chapels. There are also a number of crosses to discover around the area.

Shops and amenities found in Sixt Fer à Cheval

The village is only quite small, but it does have decent local amenities. There's a small but very useful supermarket, an excellent boulangerie and a couple of sports shops where you can buy or hire equipment. The larger town of Samoëns is only a few kilometres away for more facilities and shops. Night life in the village is definitely quieter than in the big resorts, but then, that's why you chose a traditional village, isn't it? However, Sixt Fer à Cheval does have several bars and restaurants for your enjoyment and relaxation after your days on the slopes.

Activities available in winter and summer

The skiing is without peer, and Sixt Fer à Cheval has ski schools with expert instructors for both adults and children. The village lies close to Samoëns, and shares access to all the surrounding ski areas. Activities include alpine and cross country skiing, snow shoeing, dog sledding, sledging and ice climbing. In summer you can try your hand at mountain climbing, hiking, biking or enjoy culture and discovery tours of the surrounding area.

How to get there

If you are flying to the area, Geneva is the best airport to head for, but you could also choose Lyon or Chambéry if the flights suit you better. TGV stations are found at Lyon, Annecy and Annemasse. In the winter season you can get a ski train from the UK to Bourg St Maurice. Finally, if you are travelling by car, the village is found on the D907, near to the A40 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Sixt Fer à Cheval

Alpine property in good ski areas is never really cheap, but as sellers in 2012 face up to reality and settle on more realistic figures, there is always the chance of a bargain. Property in Sixt Fer à Cheval tends to be of traditional chalet design rather than in concrete apartment blocks.

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Sixt Fer à Cheval AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Sixt Fer à Cheval ?

Sixt Fer à Cheval is situated in the east of France. It lies in the east of the Rhône-Alpes department.

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Population: 790

Access: By air: Fly to Geneva. By rail: There are TGV railway stations in Lyon, Annecy and Annemasse. By road: The town is found from the D907, not far from the A40 auto route.

Economy: The economy includes mountain agriculture and skiing/tourism.

Interesting fact: Sixt Fer à Cheval is notable for its 12th century abbey and its numerous waterfalls.

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