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Montrond les Bains Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Montrond les Bains

Montrond les Bains - steeped in history and set in beautiful surroundings

If you are looking for a property in a lesser known part of France, and want to get off the well beaten tourist track, Montrond les Bains could be a great place to look. Located in the Loire department of the Rhône-Alpes, the town lies on the banks of the River Loire itself, and benefits from beautiful surroundings. Its old ruined castle looks out onto the Parc du Pilat and the Forez hills.

A spa town with modern amenities

Montrond les Bains is an attractive spa town. It combines history and heritage with the modern amenities of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and its state of the art spa centre. In the spa centre you can enjoy various treatments said to be especially good for alleviating digestive and rheumatic complaints. It is more than just this, however - the state of the art thermal centre is a stunning and relaxing environment where you can swim indoors or outdoors in luxury pools and surroundings.

Services on offer in Montrond les Bains

Montrond les Bains offers all the services you would expect in a town of its size, with good health care, schools, vets, sports facilities and more. In keeping with French tradition, the spa town also has a casino.

History and heritage of Montrond les Bains

Montrond les Bains appears to date back to the 12th century, but it was in the Middle Ages that it first came to significance. Its castle, sadly partially now in ruins but still worth seeing, was once a glorious monument. It was all but dismantled in 1828, its stone being used for a stone quarrying business. Since 1984, however, its remains have become a revered monument again. A museum is found in the castle and there is also a lovely park for walking.

Activities within easy reach

The beautiful natural parks of Parc du Pilat and the Forez Regional Park are close by, and are perfect for walkers and nature lovers. Indeed the Loire has many opportunities for walkers, horse riders and cyclists to enjoy its natural parks and riverside paths. Fishing is also very popular in the area. The department is not as well known for skiers as some parts of the region, but there are some good ski resorts to be found here. Look for Chalmazel and Col de Loge if snow sports are your game. If you prefer golf, both mini golf and full golf are on hand.

Attractions found near by

Although the department is not really tourist-orientated, it has many delightful places to discover within reach of Montrond les Bains. If you like French markets, head for Montbrison, a charming small town with a good Saturday morning market. The Loire's capital, St Etienne, is just 26 kilometres away, and has several sights of interest. Ambert is another town that lies nearby and is worth a look, especially if you like its famed blue cheese! Then there is Lyon, some 49 kilometres away, easily accessed and is a fantastic, cosmopolitan city packed with history and offering one of the most celebrated gastronomies in France.

How to get there

You can fly to Lyon, Clermont Ferrand or Geneva direct from the UK. There is an airport at St Etienne for connecting domestic flights. The TGV runs into St Etienne, making rail travel a viable option to flying. Finally, if you are driving, you'll find Montrond les Bains just off the main A72 motorway, on the D496/D1082.

Property prices and availability in and around Montrond les Bains

The department is a good bet for finding cheaper properties. It is less well known to tourism than the other departments of the Rhône-Alpes, and 2012 should offer some real bargains as prices are reduced by many sellers.

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Montrond les Bains AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Montrond les Bains?

Montrond les Bains is situated in the east of France. It lies slightly to the south of the centre of the Loire department.

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Population: 4,652

Access: By air: Fly to Lyon, Clermont Ferrand or Geneva. By rail: The TGV fast service runs to St Etienne. By road: The town is found on the D496/D1082, just off the A72 motorway (toll road).

Economy: The town's economy is partly based on its spa status. All commerce is present.

Interesting fact: Montrond les Bains follows the French tradition of its spa towns having a casino.

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