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Lyon Property Listings and Info

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France's third largest city

Lyon, in south-eastern central France, is not only the capital of the Rhône department, but also the third largest city in France. Like both Paris and Marseille, Lyon is divided into nine arrondissements (similar to English boroughs), and each of these in turn contains clearly distinguishable areas.

Secret Passages

Once famous for the silk trade, Lyon is a historical city of huge importance. It was a great centre of resistance against the Nazis in the Second World War, and there is evidence of this today. Many of the streets and houses in the older quarters of town still have the "traboules" or secret passageways that linked buildings and streets, and which allowed Resistance fighters to escape undetected by the occupying forces.

Rivers and hills

The city of Lyon lies at the confluence of two of France's great rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, which converge to the south of Lyon. Two hills also stamp their distinctive signatures on the city. The Fourvière, which stands to the west, is known as the "hill that prays", because it is home to a number of convents, the beautiful Notre Dame de Fourvière Basilica, the Archbishop's palace and an amazing television tower which is actually a replica of the top section of the Eiffel Tower!

The Croix Rousse

To the north, the Croix Rousse, or "the hill that works", was the traditional home of the silk workshops. This second hill is such an important historical area that it is officially recognised as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Shop 'til you drop

The modern sectors of Lyon, like those of any major European city, offer excellent shopping facilities. East of the River Rhône is the place to head for if shopping is your bag, as the large Part-Dieu shopping centre is located here. It sits under the Credit Lyonnaise tower, the only skyscraper in central France. This is also the location of the railway station, so you won't have far to carry those heavy shopping bags!

Gastronomic capital of France

Lyon has long been acknowledged as the gastronomic capital France, and it is said that any chef who makes it big in Lyon is assured of celebrity status for life. The city has a large variety of restaurants, and it must be said that some of these are extremely expensive! It is also quite possible, however, to eat at lower priced bistros and cafés and to still sample the superb cuisine for which the city is so acclaimed.

How to get there

Lyon has an airport, St Exupery, which lies a short distance to the south-east of the city. Flights are available to St Exupery with Air France, British Airways, easyJet, bmi and bmibaby. Lyon also is an ideal location for train travel, as the TGV stops in the city on its major runs from the north (Paris and Lille) to the south (Marseille and Montpellier).

Property prices and availability in and around Lyon

Property in Lyon tends to be expensive, although prices vary from zone to zone. Many of the more expensive properties are found in the 6th Arrondissement, where much of the wealth is concentrated.

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Lyon is situated in south-eastern central France, just west of the Alps. It is in the east of the Rhône department, close to the borders with the Ain and Isère departments.

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Population: 465,300

Access: By air: Lyon's St Exupery airport has flights to and from the UK with a variety of airlines. By rail: Lyon has a TGV terminal on the main north-south route from Paris/Lille to Marseilles/Montpellier.

Economy: The economy is a varied big city economy these days, but the traditional economy was that of the silk trade.

Interesting fact: Lyon is the international headquarters of Interpol.

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