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Beaufort Property Listings and Info

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Beaufort - a gorgeous Savoyard village

Beaufort, or Beaufort sur Doron as it is also known, is a gorgeous Savoyard village that enjoys the most stunning of Alpine settings. It's an idyllic spot for holidays at any time of year, with access to its sister resort of Arèches Beaufort for skiing in winter, and a multitude of summer leisure activities on offer when the snow has melted.

Life in Beaufort

Beaufort has all amenities, including schools, shops, restaurants, sporting facilities and medical services. It's less of a town and more of a village, although it does have the distinction of being the chief town of its canton, and as such is the administrative centre for the locality. Life in Beaufort takes place at a relaxed, typically Savoyard pace. Of course, Beaufort is famed for its delicious cow's milk cheese, and there are several shops and farms locally where you can buy this. Look out for dishes made with the cheese too, available in most of the restaurants! Beaufort also hosts various celebrations during the year. The village has its own Salle des Fetes, able to accommodate parties in any weather.

Enjoy winter and summer outdoor activities

It doesn't matter what time of year you visit Beaufort, there's always plenty to do and see. From skiing (the resort of Arèches Beaufort is just up the road) to cheese tasting or mountaineering, there's something to suit everyone in the area. Winter offers all the usual snow-based sports, while in summer you can hike, rock climb, cycle, or even go hang gliding.

Explore the local heritage

There is some heritage about too. The Castle of Beaufort, built in mediaeval times, is probably the most famous local monument, but there are also several other chateaux nearby. Also worth a look is the barrage (dam) of Roseland. Meanwhile the village itself has a few notable buildings, among them the town hall.

How to get there

Airports within easy reach of Beaufort include Chambéry, Geneva and Grenoble. Albertville has a railway station and is only 25 kilometres away, so travelling by train is another option. If travelling by road, you'll find the village on the D925, with the nearest major road being the N90.

Property prices and availability in and around Beaufort

Property in Beaufort sur Doron, while not cheap, can represent good value for money. This part of the Alps is known to hold its value well, even in times of recession, and as the village is close to ski resorts and summer mountain sports centres, it will always have a good rental value too.

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Beaufort AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Beaufort?

Beaufort lies in eastern France. It's located in the north-east of the Savoie department of the Rhône-Alpes.

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Population: 2,264

Access: By air: Fly to Chambéry, Geneva or Grenoble. By rail: You can take a TGV to Albertville. By road: The village is found along the D925 road. The nearest major road is the N90.

Economy: The economy is mixed, with agriculture (especially cheese production) of importance. Tourism is also significant, and commerce is present.

Interesting fact: Beaufort is the principal town of the Beaufortain Massif.

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