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Courchevel… not one, but four resorts!

Courchevel, situated in the French Alps in the south-east of France, is not only a well known ski resort but also a popular summer destination, with beautiful scenery and mountain sports. Courchevel is often thought of as a resort for the rich and famous, but don't make the mistake of thinking that it is beyond the reach and pocket of more ordinary mortals as it isn't. Courchevel is actually not one resort, but four… and each one has its own defining characteristics and price range. Each also has access to some of the best skiing in Europe, as Courchevel is in the Three Valleys Ski Area, which is the largest linked ski area in the world.

Which Courchevel is for you?

The four resorts which make up Courchevel were named for their altitudes, and the highest and most exclusive was known as Courchevel 1850, now it is just Courchevel. This is a purpose built resort, and is definitely the place to see and be seen, as long as you can afford it! A little further down the mountain is Courchevel Moriond (was Courchevel 1650), which is the next most expensive and exclusive, and which is rapidly gaining in popularity. Descend a little further and you will reach Courchevel Village (was Courchevel 1550), a little more reasonably priced again and more popular with families, and finally there is the original Courchevel le Praz (was Courchevel 1300). This last is, literally and figuratively speaking, more down to earth than the starry resorts at the higher altitudes, and some purists say that this is the best of all in terms of Savoie authenticity, although it must be accepted that the snow cover will not be as predictable as at the higher levels. Don't forget that it isn't always winter, even in a famous ski resort like Courchevel! Summer brings its own delights in the Alps, and Courchevel has much to offer in the way of scenic beauty and mountain sports in this season too.


The skiing in Courchevel is exceptional, as it is part of the massive ski area of the Three Valleys, and you will find everything for all levels and tastes here. Ski schools abound, and there are facilities for children to learn safely in special groups whilst their parents can go and enjoy the steeper slopes free of worry. The runs and off piste skiing is as extensive and varied as you could hope for anywhere, and the scenery quite stunning.

Après ski?

Après ski is big business in Courchevel, and once again the different resorts offer distinctive characteristics in their facilities and styles. The old 1850 resort is predictably full of expensive bars and restaurants, including Chabichou, a two star Michelin restaurant with an elite international clientele. Courchevel Moriond is hip and young in spirit, with clubs and partying going on into the small hours, whilst Courchevel Village and Courchevel le Praz are more gentle and family orientated, with friendly bars and reasonably priced pizzerias and bistros. All the resorts are well equipped with shops, banks and other necessities, and there are many non-skiing entertainments available too, particularly in the higher resorts where you will find bowling, ice skating, climbing walls and all sorts of diversions!

How to get there

Getting to Courchevel from the UK is straightforward. You can fly to either Geneva or Lyon (St. Exupery) with a number of airlines including budget airline easyJet. If you prefer to take the train, you can get a Eurostar to Paris from London, and then catch a TGV fast train to nearby Moutiers. Eurostar also has a direct winter service from St Pancras to Moutiers. Or there is a weekly rail service from London St Pancras to Geneva, which takes just over eight hours.

Property prices and availability in and around Courchevel

Property in Courchevel is not an ideal choice for those on a very tight budget, as you would expect. Typically, the most expensive properties are those at the highest level, where it is common to see multi million pound chalets owned by those for whom money is truly no object. Property does get cheaper as you come down the mountain, however, and outside the villages it is still possible to find a barn for conversion to a residence or chalet. Rental opportunities in any of the Courchevel resorts are excellent, once more with the longest season and the highest prices going hand in hand with the highest altitudes.

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Courchevel AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Courchevel?

The town of Courchevel is located in the Alps, in south-east France. Courchevel lies in the east of the department of the Savoie, close to the border with Italy.

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Population: 2,000

Access: By air: Fly to Geneva or Lyon St. Exupery. By Rail: Take Eurostar to Paris, then a TGV to Moutiers (25 kilometres from Courchevel).

Economy: Tourism and leisure, especially winter sports.

Interesting fact: If you want to spot a celebrity then you should head to the highest of the Courchevel resorts, where the rich and famous are as thick on the ground as the snow! Apparently even Posh and Becks are regulars?


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