Data Feed Options with French Property Links

Feed your Properties to French Property Links via XML

The XML feed allows you to add and update your properties without visiting the control panel.

To feed your properties you have 3 options:

1. Create your own XML feed file.

This is a good option if you have your own database and a technical person to export the properties into an XML file. Please contact us and we'll send full details of this service so that you can build your own feed.

2. Use your estate agency software to export your properties.

Many packages will include a function to export your properties.

We currently support exports from:
AC3 Immo-facile
Adapt Immo
FNAIM Goventis
Logiciel-Immobilier Horizon
Immovision - OpenMedia
Hektor - logiciel immobilier

3. Use a third party service.

If you are not able to produce your own XML file and you don't use a software package then you could use a third party feed system. We have agreements with two companies who can feed your properties to French Property Links. For more information please visit:

Property Portal Feeder


Any Questions?

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