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Germanic influence

The Haut-Rhin, home of the white stork, is situated between the Vosges mountain range and the River Rhin. The department has belonged to both France and Germany at various points throughout its history leaving it with a very mixed identity. The Haut-Rhin's architecture, cuisine and dialect all epitomise the way in which the department has assimilated both French and German characteristics.

Home of the white stork

In the north of the department you'll find the adorable village of Turckheim, steeped in time-honoured practices. At 10pm every evening the night watchman, dressed in traditional clothing, walks the streets and stops at every corner to sing. Nearby, a ceasefire has been called in the long-standing battle between white storks and urbanisation as a large breeding centre has been set up to support the local population.

Colourful Colmar

Not far from Turckheim, you'll find colourful Colmar, the capital of the Haut-Rhin. This is a pretty town with impressive architecture largely dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. Red, orange, blue and green are used prominently on the outside of buildings giving the streets a lively and distinct appearance.

Culinary capital

Colmar is located inside Alsace's premier wine-producing area, the Route des Vins. Make sure you're in the town when the International Festival of Gastronomy takes place, where you'll be able to taste some of the most flavoursome and intriguing dishes the world has to offer.

Another legendary ring

The attractive town of Thann in the southwest of the department is home to the most lavishly, gothic churches you're likely to come across in Eastern France. The story behind the founding of Thann is a popular legend. It is said that in 1160, Bishop Thiebaut gave his episcopal ring to his favourite servant who put it inside a staff and set off into the woods of Alsace. One morning, after sleeping in the woods, the servant tried to pick up his staff but found it too heavy to lift. While this was happening three dazzling lights appeared in the sky above him. The local Lord saw the phenomenon and promptly ordered the construction of a chapel on the site. The town's development then became a self-fulfilling prophecy. As pilgrims travelled to the place behind the story, Thann was in effect born.

A former republic

Mullhouse, home to the Université de Haute-Alsace, has a proud history as a former independent republic. The town did not join the rest of Alsace as part of France until 1798. Mullhouse has an extraordinarily large number of fine museums celebrating local industry and the arts.

How to get there

Basel/Mulhouse airport currently offers direct flights to/from the UK. It is also possible to get to the Haut-Rhin by taking the Channel Tunnel and the TGV service. If you want to take your car then the nearest ferry ports are Dunkirk, Calais and Dieppe.

Haut-Rhin property prices

Alsace is not immensely popular with British buyers despite its diverse cultural setting and dynamic landscape. The EU's bureaucrats do, however, ensure a steady stream of rental interest in the area.

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WHERE IS Haut-Rhin?

The Haut-Rhin is located in the south of the eastern french region of Alsace.

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