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A perfect base

Mulhouse, as the largest town in the department of the Haut-Rhin, and the second largest in the Alsace after Strasbourg, has much to offer. It is a cosmopolitan city, having been influenced by the Swiss, German and French, not to mention architectural overtones from Manchester in England and Louisiana in the USA! There is a thriving industrial economy, and employment prospects are excellent. The city forms an ideal base from which you can explore not only the beautiful Alsace region of France, but also cross the nearby borders into Switzerland and Germany. It would be a mistake, however, to view Mulhouse as nothing but a base for exploration further afield. The town itself is fascinating and worth exploring in its own right.

An example of excellent town planning

Mulhouse consists of two main areas, the upper town (traditionally the home of various monastic orders) and the lower town, built around the Place de la Réunion, originally as the centre for craftsmen and merchants. The New Quarter of the town, which had its walls removed in 1826, is an excellent example of town planning. There is a triangular network of streets, and there are distinctive architectural areas. In the Rebberg district you can admire the beautiful colonnaded houses built in the grand style of Louisiana, due to the cotton trade links so important to the early economic life of the city. And around the vineyards you may be surprised to find architecture very reminiscent of Manchester, which is also strongly linked to Mulhouse through industry.

Excellent shopping and many museums to visit

The "shop 'til you drop" brigade is well catered for in Mulhouse, with the usual wide choice of shops available in a large city. There are also some really superb museums. One particularly worth visiting is the Automobile Museum, which attracts visitors from all over the world, and which has a shop that is a great resource for collectors of model cars. Other museums reflecting the industries important to the town include the French National Railway Museum, an Electricity Museum and a museum of printed textiles.

Alsatian cuisine

Gourmets will enjoy the distinctive and delicious Alsatian cuisine, and there are many fine restaurants in which to sample this. Beer drinkers too will be delighted with the choice of excellent regional beers, and wine buffs should waste no time in ordering a bottle or two of the delicate flavoured Gewurtstraminer.

How to get there

The best way to reach Mulhouse from the UK is to fly into Basel-Mulhouse international airport, from which it is only around a 30 minute drive to the city. Airlines offering flights to Basel-Mulhouse from the UK are British Airways, Air France and budget airline easyJet. Rail travel will be another good option, as the city is soon to be on the TGV fast train system (June 2007). This will improve both travel links and property values simultaneously.

Property prices and availability in and around Mulhouse

House prices around the city of Mulhouse are in general above the regional average, with further increases expected as the TGV network extends to the city and provides fast rail links throughout France. Renovation projects here are few and far between, but the picture is not all doom and gloom should you be seeking a property here. Property holds its value well and makes a sound financial investment, and industrial success and geographical location mean that rental prospects for property in the city are also excellent. Further rises in property values are expected with new TGV links. There are some architecturally interesting properties within the city, and the suburbs offer opportunities to purchase some really grand Alsatian style properties for luxury family living.

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Mulhouse AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Mulhouse?

The city of Mulhouse is found in north-east France in the Alsace region, close to Alsace's borders with both Switzerland and Germany. It lies slightly to the south of the Haut-Rhin department.

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Population: 110,359

Access: By air: Fly from the UK to Basel-Mulhouse. By rail: TGV to Paris, then trains to Mulhouse.

Economy: There is a thriving and varied economy in Mulhouse, with the automobile, textile, tanning, chemical and engineering industries particularly significant.

Interesting fact: The town has some varied architecture with Louisiana colonial-style houses, inspired through the links with Louisiana through the cotton trade, and also some Mancunian-style buildings due to the city's connections with Manchester!


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