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Strasbourg Property Listings and Info

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Strasbourg - a truly European city

Strasbourg, which is located in the north-east of France, is a truly European city in every sense. In France, yet close to Germany, Strasbourg encompasses both cultures in equal measure, and embodies all that is best about both, creating a magical blend which never fails to enchant. The city is also the home of many of the most important European bodies and assemblies, such as the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament and the European Ombudsman.

Architectural diversity

Strasbourg is a city of such architectural diversity that if you are at all intrigued by architectural styles and beautiful buildings you will find yourself transfixed. There can never be enough time to discover and appreciate the architecture of this amazing city! The different areas of the city reflect different historical periods and also regional, cultural and even national differences.

The Petit France area, the German district and the Grand Île

There is the Petit France area, which charms with its pretty timbered houses and colourful window boxes. And for contrast, the German district, where you can find examples of German architecture that have all but disappeared from Germany itself due to heavy bombing during the second world war. The religious buildings, the cathedral and the churches, also encompass many different architectural styles and periods ranging from Gothic to neo Gothic and from Romanesque to French classicism. The Grand Île, the old part of the city, has been a World Heritage Site since 1988.

Strasbourg's museums

Strasbourg is so packed with cultural wonders that is difficult to know where to begin with the things to see and do... the best advice is to allow plenty of time to appreciate the many treasures of this city. Among an embarrassment of superb museums and art galleries, there is the fascinating collection of Alsatian culture and history shown at the Musée Alsacien, and the children's museum of science and technology known as Le Vaisseau.

Strasbourg's parks and gardens

Strasbourg also prides itself on its beautiful green spaces, which can help to combat the sometimes oppressive summer heat. Numerous parks and gardens punctuate the city, some of them sporting special features such as a zoo or a castle to add extra interest.


It goes almost without saying that in a city such as Strasbourg there are a great number of shops, and certainly you can spend many a happy day indulging in some retail therapy! A good place to head for is the Place Kleber, where there are a good selection of shops and cafés, and which has a bustling, vibrant ambience.

The gastronomy of the city

The gastronomy of the city is also notable... and different from the rest of France. The Germanic influences are very evident, and you will find dishes such as Choucroute (the French name for sauerkraut) very popular here! The desserts are especially good, and the light crisp white wines of the region are deliciously distinctive... try the sublime, floral tasting Gewürztraminer as an aperitif before summer dining.

Winter in Strasbourg

There are many who believe that Strasbourg is at its beautiful best in the winter time, when it is quite likely to have a Christmas card dusting of snow. The Christmas decorations in the city are really the stuff of fairytales, and the Christmas market is the largest, and possibly the best in France.

How to get there

The new TGV links from Paris to Strasbourg (June 2007) and the planned links from Strasbourg to Lyon in 2011 will make the city so much more accessible. Flights with Air France will take you to Strasbourg, or you can fly to Basel Mulhouse with British Airways or easyJet.

Property prices and availability in and around Strasbourg

Prices within Strasbourg can be high, as in any major city, but if you base your search in the countryside around the city you more likely to find more affordable options. The property market will almost certainly undergo major changes due to the TGV link, so watch this space! Keeping a weather eye on Strasbourg is definitely advisable as the TGV is one of the most significant factors in the French property market.

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Strasbourg AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is located in north-east France. It lies in the east of the Bas-Rhin department, close to the border with Germany.

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Population: 650,000

Access: By air: Fly to Strasbourg or to Basel Mulhouse. By rail: The new TGV link for 2007 est arrivé! Paris is linked to Strasbourg from June 10th 2007... by the super fast TGV. Another TGV line is due to open in 2011, linking Strasbourg to Lyon.

Economy: The economy is principally industrial, with engineering of particular importance.

Interesting fact: There are hundreds! But, as a start, Strasbourg has France's oldest and arguably best Christmas market.

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