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The Heart of Purple Perigord

Each of the four parts of Perigord are given colourful names to reflect their own identity. Bergerac is the capital of the Purple Perigord. A staggering 125 sq km of vineyards encircle Bergerac, the Dordogne's major wine producing town. The town's other claim to fame is the 17th Century satirist Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac.

Developed through trade

Bergerac was once a protestant stronghold and suffered heavy damage during the wars of religion. Apart from this, the town has had a smooth ride in its history. It developed as a major trade crossroads around the only bridge on the Dordogne River at the time. Today the town is a peaceful and popular place to enjoy the gentle environment of the Perigord among some of the finest medieval houses in the region.

Learning about tobacco

Along with the fine wine the area produces, Bergerac is also notable for fireworks and tobacco. The latter thrives under the sultry Dordogne sun. To learn more about this product head to the National Tobacco Museum, an intriguing museum that traces the development and variety of tobacco use. It is located inside the elegant Maison Peyrarede (strictly no smoking!).

Indulging in the local produce

If you're not a smoker then the Maison des Vines might entice you instead. This is the headquarters of the regional wine council, probably not as esteemed as the town council yet seemingly a lot more popular. Inside you can buy from a vast array of town and regional wines.

The local hero who wasn't local

To get your photo taken with Savinien Cyrano, head down the picturesque, tree-lined Place de la Myrpe. The statue of the man himself is found at the end. The locals are extremely proud of the man and his achievement of putting the town firmly on the map. The fact that he only stayed a few nights in the town in his entire life seems quite trivial.

How to get there

Flybe and Ryanair operate a service direct to Bergerac from many UK airports in both the north and south. Alternatively, you can fly to Bordeaux with British Airways and flybe, or Toulouse with British Airways, bmibaby, easyJet, flybe and bmi. The TGV service will also take you to Bergerac.

Bergerac property prices

Bergerac is situated in an expensive area, also viewed as one of the most scenic in France. It benefits from the links between Bordeaux and Perigueux and has received a staggering influx of British buyers over the years, a large number of them choosing to settle here permanently. There is little possibility of finding a property needing renovation.

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Bergerac AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Bergerac?

Bergerac can be found in the south-west corner of the department of the Dordogne, which is in the Aquitaine region.

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Population: 27,000

Access: FlyBe operates a service from London and Bristol to Bergerac.

Economy: Wine, tobacco and fireworks are the biggest exports.

Interesting fact: The name Savinien Cyrano will forever be associated with the town, despite the fact that in reality he only spent a few nights here.


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