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Eymet Property Listings and Info

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Eymet - a fine bastide town

Eymet, which is located in south-west France in the department of the Dordogne, is a fine bastide town set in the lovely countryside of the Purple Perigord. The town has a rich heritage, and can trace its history back to the Bronze Age thanks to the discovery of artefacts from this period on the site of the old town. The bastide itself was constructed in the 13th century, and is designed in the usual bastide pattern consisting of a central arcaded square, working outwards on a grid pattern towards the protective outer walls.

Eymet has "olde worlde" charm and a modern buzz

Eymet, (pronounced Aymay) is full of delightful "olde worlde" charm, yet the place has a modern buzz about it that never fails to attract. Visit the town on Thursday, which has been market day in Eymet since the town was first built, and you cannot fail to be caught up in the ambience which is somehow both evocative of times gone by yet also dynamic and fresh. Set in the central square and spilling out down the quaint, narrow streets lined with attractive shops and houses, the market is one of France's best, with artists painting in the sunshine, fresh pastries cooked on the spot to tempt you and all manner of fresh fruit, vegetables and other delights.

A place in history

Eymet may be popular with the British these days, but it has history and a heritage that is truly French. It was built to withstand attack with ramparts, towers, a moat and a fortified castle. Some of the old fortifications still exist today, and if you visit the town you can see the gates to the old castle even now. Evidence of Eymet's history is also found along the River Dropt, on which the town lies. Once the economic lifeblood of the area, the river had around 60 mills and used to carry barges taking wine and cereals from the region. Although these activities have now ceased, and the river has adopted a more tranquil air, some of the mills can still be seen, and add to the fascination of this lovely part of France.

Enjoying Eymet

Eymet offers plenty of modern day pleasures as well as its heritage. The town offers a great selection of restaurants and coffee bars, and you can find just about any cuisine from traditional French to pizza without having to stray too far. If you do require a greater choice, or fancy some city shopping, Bergerac is a delightful city, and well within reach. Having said that, as well as the fantastic market there are lots of good shops in Eymet, so you won't need to make the trip to Bergerac very often! A speciality of the area is the rich and controversial duck product Foie Gras, so if you enjoy this you will be in heaven!

Out and about

Eymet is set in such a beautiful region that it is difficult to know where to start advising you to explore! The town lies on the River Dropt, and you could do worse than to follow the course of this lovely river, enjoying the lush green countryside, the vineyards and the numerous old watermills and windmills that abound. Enjoy the cosmopolitan buzz of Bergerac, or take a look at the beautiful town of Sarlat la Canéda.

Sports and leisure

The Dordogne countryside offers a myriad of sporting opportunities, so there is no excuse to put on weight despite the availability of local gourmet treats such as Foie Gras and wine. Go horse-riding, cycling or walking... all great ways to discover the countryside, or try your hand at tennis, swimming or canoeing. And don't forget, there is always petanque, which can be much more fun than you might think, and wildly addictive.

How to get there

Eymet is easily accessed from the UK, as there are airports at nearby Bergerac and also at Bordeaux. Bergerac is served by flybe and Ryanair, while Bordeaux is served by British Airways, bmibaby, Aer Lingus and easyJet. The TGV runs to Libourne, and travelling by road is simple, as you can find the D933 from the main road from Bordeaux to Toulouse.

Property prices and availability in and around Eymet

The Dordogne is a very popular area for property purchase, particularly with the British market. Eymet is no exception, and this has caused prices to become higher than in less popular parts of the country. Everybody loves the Dordogne, and in particular, character towns like Eymet, but there is an upside to this too, as it means that you can almost certainly achieve a good rental income for your Eymet property should you decide to rent it out for holiday use for parts of the year.

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Eymet is situated in south-west France. It lies in the very south of the Dordogne department, close to the border with the Lot-et-Garonne.

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Population: 2,552

Access: By air: Fly to Bergerac (flybe, Ryanair) or Bordeaux (British Airways, bmibaby, Aer Lingus, easyJet). By road: Eymet lies on the D933. By rail: The train will take you to Bergerac, or you can take a TGV to Libourne.

Economy: The economy is primarily agricultural. Eymet also has many small thriving industries within its boundaries. Wine is also produced locally and is of excellent quality.

Interesting fact: Eymet has a large and growing British population... at least 200 British families registered as living in the town at the last count!

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