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Lanouaille Property Listings and Info

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Lanouaille - when "new" means "old"!

The village of Lanouaille, which is found in the stunning landscapes of the Dordogne department of Aquitaine, in south-west France, has a misleading name. Lanouaille means La Nouvelle, or "New", but you could be forgiven for wondering why, as the village is as traditional and pretty as any old French village in this lovely part of the country. The name comes from the fact that the commune was newly created from parts of existing communes rather than because it is newly built and entirely modern… definitely not the case! Lovers of old properties will find plenty around to admire and maybe even to rent or buy!

Apple Country

The countryside around the village is peaceful and welcoming, with apple orchards predominating and providing a glorious sight in spring when the blossom bursts forth, or in autumn when the trees are heavy with their delicious fruits. This is the very heart of "Apple Country", and you will soon be aware of this when shopping or dining out!

Enjoy Lanouaille's fêtes

The village of Lanouaille is typically small and rural in most respects, but the inhabitants have a joie de vivre, and like to host village parties at various times during the year! These local "fêtes" are not sophisticated affairs, but occasions when the whole village gets together to eat, drink and maybe dance… a colourful aspect of French life that should not be missed! Otherwise, life in Lanouaille is pretty tranquil, with the pace of events largely dictated by the seasons, in time honoured rural French fashion.

Amenities on offer

The village does have some good, basic amenities, though, which are a real boon as there are many small French communities that don't have so much as a village shop. In Lanouaille you can find a useful Tourist Office to help point you in the right direction for all the local events and points of interest, a couple of good boulangeries, a butcher's shop, a pharmacy and even a small supermarket. Even better… there are several excellent restaurants in the village too, for those occasions when you want to treat yourself. The local gastronomy is delicious, and as you are close to some wonderful wine producing regions you can expect to have a really good time!

Don't miss the Museum of the Apple

The village, being set in the middle of the apple orchards of the Dordogne, has another little attraction which is worth a visit. This is the Museum of the Apple… I think the title tells you what it is all about, but you may be surprised at how interesting it is.

Lots of outdoor activities right on the doorstep

There can hardly be a better place in France to enjoy the fresh air and associated outdoor activities as the Dordogne, where the natural environment has so much to offer. Right beside the village of Lanouaille is a beautiful lake, where you can water ski and partake of other water sports, a superb trout fishing river, and a fabulous horse stud farm. There are golf courses to be found within an easy drive of Lanouaille, and the area is also perfect for walking, cycling or horse-riding.

Out and about - explore chateaux and towns of the region

The countryside of the Dordogne also offers up numerous stately chateaux to enjoy, some of which are open to the public. The Office of Tourism can advise if you are interested in guided tours. If you want to see a bit more of the region, you could do worse than pay a visit to the porcelain town of Limoges, or spend a day in lively little Bergerac. The vineyards of Bordeaux are within reach too, as is the wild and wonderful Atlantic Coast with its sand dunes and surf beaches.

How to get there

If you wish to fly to Lanouaille, the airports of Limoges, Angoulême and Bergerac, are all within easy reach. All are served by Ryanair, with Limoges and Bergerac also being served by Flybe. A TGV can get you to these cities too, and you can continue on to your destination with a hire car picked up at the airports or stations. The A20 and A89 are the nearest auto routes, with the town lying on the D704. If approaching from the N21, another road taking you to Lanouaille is the D707.

Property prices and availability in and around Lanouaille

In the past, the Dordogne gained a reputation for being an expensive place to buy property, due to its massive popularity especially with British buyers. However, the recent recession has made sellers more realistic, and you could be pleasantly surprised at the bargains which are currently on the market.

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Lanouaille AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lanouaille?

Lanouaille is located in south-west France. It lies in the north-east of the Dordogne department.

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Population: 966

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges, Angoulême or Bergerac airports. By rail: The TGV will take you to these towns too. By road: The town is located on the D704/D707, not far from the N21 motorway.

Economy: The economy is mainly rural and agricultural, with apple growing of importance.

Interesting fact: The name Lanouaille comes from the French, La Nouvelle, meaning "New", although it is in no way a newly built village.

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