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Payzac Property Listings and Info

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Payzac - a pretty Perigordian village

Payzac is a peaceful and pretty village that lies in the stunning surroundings of the Perigord Vert area of the Dordogne department in south-west France. The rolling countryside is a patchwork of rivers, lakes, meadows and forests, with an abundance of apple orchards which are of great importance to the local economy.

Don't miss market days

Payzac isn't a large village, but it is a real, living community which welcomes visitors and newcomers to a traditionally Perigordian way of life. The village square, the heart of village life, hosts a little market every first and third Tuesday in the month, and this is always a great chance to snap up the freshest and best of local produce while soaking up some genuinely French colour and culture at the same time.

Amenities on offer in Payzac

For non-market days, or for other, more mundane shopping needs, Payzac offers a supermarket, and also a charming collection of smaller shops, including boulangeries, boucheries, newsagents and a "brocante", an intriguing place where sometimes quite magical antiques can be found. One of the boulangeries also proudly boasts chocolates made by a leading chocolatier! Payzac also has some useful service industries, and there is a bank with a cash point. Social life within the village is taken care of by a handful of cafés, bars and a couple of very good restaurants.

Out and about

Anyone who visits the Green Perigord is enchanted by the beauty of the countryside, and many a happy day can be spent walking, cycling, horse-riding or just driving around the area, lapping up the views and local points of interest. From a base here you can visit the amazing Lascaux Caves, enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful village of Segur Le Château, see the famous vineyards of Bordeaux and Bergerac, or head east into the green landscapes of the Limousin. Payzac is conveniently close to the leisure lake of Rouffiac, and here you can swim, sail, sunbathe on the beaches, try your hand at canoeing or kayaking, fish or even water ski!

How to get there

The area currently has several possibilities for air travel, with accessible airports at Limoges, Bergerac, Bordeaux and even Toulouse. Limoges is the closest, being served by Ryanair and Flybe. There is also a new airport due to open in June 2010 between the towns of Brive la Gaillarde and Souillac (Brive Souillac Airport), which may also be of use. CityJet is currently due to operate between London City Airport and Brive Souillac Airport, with other carriers still to be decided. The same cities also offer rail services from Paris, so rail travel is a viable option to flying. A car is recommended if you want to get the best from a rural area such as that of Payzac, and drivers can find the village from the D75. The nearest major roads are the A20 and A89.

Property prices and availability in and around Payzac

The Dordogne has long been considered an expensive department, such was its popularity with foreign, particularly British buyers. However, the recent downturn in the housing market and in the economy in general has made many sellers revise their prices, and many properties can now be found at surprisingly reasonable costs. This is the time to buy in the Dordogne, but the French market is now beginning to recover strongly so the advice would be to act sooner rather than to wait, as prices will almost certainly rise again as confidence returns.

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WHERE IS Payzac?

Payzac is located slightly to the south-west of central France. It lies in the north-east of the Dordogne department, close to its region's border with the Limousin.

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Population: 1,041

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges, Bergerac, Bordeaux or Toulouse. The soon to be opened Brive Souillac Airport should also be of use. By rail: There are good train services to all the above towns. By road: The village is located close to the D75.

Economy: The economy is largely agricultural.

Interesting fact: There is an award winning "chocolatier" in Payzac!

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