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Lively and attractive market town

The town of Thiviers, in the north-east of the popular Dordogne department of south-west France, is a lively and attractive rural town which has an exceptionally good organic market held on Saturdays. Thiviers is a great centre for the production of Foie Gras, so if you are a fan of the delicacy there can be no better place to sample it than here!

Thiviers's Roman origins

Thiviers is typical of its region in style, springing from Roman origins (initially known as Tibère) and developing into a walled town from the 11th century. It has all the charm for which the rural towns of the Dordogne are known. It lies on a hill overlooking lovely rolling countryside of lush green fields and large areas of woodland.

The Perigord Vert

The part of the Dordogne in which Thiviers lies is known as the Perigord Vert, or the "green Perigord". This is due to the fact that, being nearer to Limousin and lying in the most northerly section of the Dordogne, Thiviers has a higher annual rainfall level than other parts of the department. This makes its landscapes greener and more "English" in appearance. Those who fear that they may miss England's lush greenery and pretty hedgerows could find that the perfect solution lies here, in the north of the Dordogne.

Beautiful, historic town

Thiviers and its environs offer much of what is so desirable about France, with a beautiful historical town, excellent standard of living and a warmer climate. It also manages to seem, as some residents have commented, "not too foreign"! Perhaps this is why the English have flocked to the Dordogne for many years. It should be noted, however, that that said, this part of the region is really quite unspoiled, with a peaceful rural lifestyle still of the essence.

Dining in Thiviers

Thiviers may be a rural town but it is a lively and well equipped little place, with plenty on offer to keep you entertained. There are some excellent restaurants in the town, most of them offering variations on a traditional and local theme… and why not indeed, when the local gastronomic tradition is as delicious as this! Fine dining is possible here on a much lower budget than could ever be achieved in England, and it is good to know that the food on your plate has been locally produced and delivered fresh!

Shopping in Thiviers

Shopping in Thiviers is also very good, with a great selection of local shops selling everything from sassy French fashion to local crafts and, of course, Foie Gras. The town has a number of large supermarkets too, for those everyday needs. Most amenities can be found in or near to the town, and don't forget that the city of Limoges is also easily accessible.

Sports and leisure

Thiviers is a good base for active people, as there are many sports on offer locally. From Thiviers you can fish, swim, play golf, horse-ride and cycle… just to mention a few. The leisure lake at St-Yrieix-la-Perche is a short distance away and here you can enjoy water sports as well as eat at the excellent lakeside restaurant and visit the museum and porcelain shops… a really good day out!

How to get there

Both Limoges and Bergerac airports are close to Thiviers, and offer flights from the UK (direct) with budget airline Ryanair and flybe. This means that flying is economically viable as well as straightforward. The train is another option, with good links to Paris, Bordeaux, Périgueux and Limoges.

Property prices and availability in and around Thiviers

Thiviers, despite being in the popular Dordogne, is perhaps less expensive than you might expect. The property market in the north of the department, where the town is situated, tends to be a little less expensive than in the over developed market in the south. So if you have your heart set on a property in the Dordogne, Thiviers could make an excellent starting point for your search.

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Thiviers AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Thiviers?

Thiviers is situated in the north-east of the Dordogne department, in south-west France.

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Population: 3,000

Access: By air: Fly to Bergerac or Limoges airports, both of whom offer direct flights with Ryanair and flybe. By rail: The town has excellent rail links nearby with Limoges, Paris, Bordeaux and Périgueux.

Economy: The economy is based around the production of Foie Gras, with other agricultural concerns also of importance. The surrounding area is also a big producer of truffles and chestnuts.

Interesting fact: The name of Thiviers is synonymous with the luxury food market, as the town is one of the most famous centres in France for the production of Foie Gras, the goose-liver delicacy beloved of gourmands the world over.


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