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Bordeaux Caudéran Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Bordeaux Caudéran

Bordeaux Caudéran - a calm residential quarter of Bordeaux

Bordeaux Caudéran is, as its name suggests, a suburb or quarter of the great wine city of Bordeaux. For many years it has been one of the most desirable parts of the city in which to live, and its elegant streets and houses bear the hallmarks of the wealthy middle classes for whom they were built. The countryside around the city is calm and picturesque... as long as you love the sight of vineyards upon vineyards!

Elegance and charm

Caudéran is the prime residential area of Bordeaux. Frequently described as being "to Bordeaux what Neuilly is to Paris", Caudéran really is a wonderful place to live or to stay. Its streets and houses are elegant and charming, and there are excellent amenities on the doorstep. Whether or not you choose to go into Bordeaux city centre (which is simplicity itself), you will find great shopping and superb dining facilities as well as all the usual services and amenities such as schools, doctors, entertainment and sporting activities.

What to do

Caudéran has a popular park which is a very pleasant green area in the city, and which offers pretty gardens, a lake with fish and ducks, paths for walking and cycling and the calm aura that is always imparted where there are trees and plants. You can find cinemas, theatres, museums and art galleries in Bordeaux of course, as well as more specific sights such as the old bridge that spans the Garonne River and the fine old houses of the wealthy wine merchants of the past.

Wine city

Caudéran has the perfect answer for wine lovers... the city of Bordeaux offers a host of possibilities to learn more about this fascinating subject and there are guided tours of vineyards, wine courses, tasting sessions and talks to attend.

Out and about

Caudéran offers a lifestyle that is more "city life" than the usual French rural idyll, but as such it is second to none excepting, perhaps, Paris. There are, however, numerous opportunities to get out into the open air and partake in sports and leisure activities, and Caudéran has clubs and societies that will help you to do just that, with tennis, swimming, football and more on the agenda.

Further afield

If you want to explore further afield, jump into your car and head for the neighbouring Dordogne, with its bastide towns and legendary beauty, or down the Atlantic coast to the rural Landes or the buzzy surf resorts of Biarritz and Basque France.

How to get there

Bordeaux has an airport which makes air travel from the UK really easy. It is served by British Airways, flybe, bmibaby, Aer Lingus and easyJet. La Rochelle is also within reach which has flights with Ryanair, flybe and easyJet. Meanwhile the TGV train stops at Libourne, just to the east of the city, and road travellers can access the area from the A630 auto route that almost circles Bordeaux, followed by the D6.

Property prices and availability in and around Bordeaux Caudéran

Bordeaux, like any important city, is not known as a cheap place to buy a property. Caudéran is a highly desirable area of Bordeaux, so expect prices to be high, but quality always has its price. Caudéran offers some of the best town houses you can find anywhere, and a truly genteel style of living that will never lose its attraction. Re-selling a property in Caudéran has never been known to be a problem!

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Bordeaux Caudéran AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Bordeaux Caudéran?

Bordeaux Caudéran is situated in south-west France, below the Gironde estuary. It lies in the north of the Gironde department.

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Population: 28,715

Access: By air: Fly to Bordeaux or La Rochelle. By rail: Take the Eurostar to Paris then change to a TGV to Libourne. By road: Bordeaux Caudéran is accessed from the D6 and A630.

Economy: The economy is mixed and thriving, with the wine trade prevalent. Caudéran is also known for its escargots!

Interesting fact: Bordeaux Caudéran is known as one of the most desirable and peaceful quarters of Bordeaux, an ideal place to live. It was the preferred quarter for wealthy middle classes, and the elegant streets and houses reflect this today.

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