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Saint Ciers sur Gironde Property Listings and Info

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Ciers sur Gironde - an estuary town

The small market town of Saint Ciers sur Gironde benefits from its location on the Gironde Estuary. Being surrounded by marshes, vineyards and forests as well as being set on the beautiful estuary of the Gironde, means there is much to enjoy in the region.

Shops, restaurants and a market

Saint Ciers isn't a big town, but it's pretty well equipped with everything you're likely to need for everyday life. There are shops and a supermarket, as well as a few restaurants where you can tuck into local fare or choose the ever popular option of a pizza. All essential services can be found in or near to the town too. Don't miss the Sunday morning market. It's great for picking up local wines and other specialities. If you do need a larger range of shops and a greater choice of restaurants, there are several bigger towns within easy reach.

Natural heritage of Saint Ciers sur Gironde

Saint Ciers is an attractive old town, but its most remarkable features come in the form of natural rather than built heritage. The marshes of the estuary are home to an ever changing collection of wading birds and also otters and mink. There's a protected area that allows public access to an observation tower and nature trails.

Wine, walking and outdoor activities on offer

The region is rich in possibilities. Visit the vineyards of Bordeaux or Bergerac where you can try a little wine tasting to find your favourites and to learn more about this famous local product. If you prefer to be more active, you can follow the lovely walking trails through the estuary marshes to discover the flora and fauna. Then there are opportunities to go horse-riding, swimming and to play tennis. Golfers can choose from twelve varied courses within the Bordeaux/Gironde region.

Discover beautiful towns and enjoy gastronomic adventures

Getting out and about in the Gironde offers lots of possibilities for discovering the history and heritage, tasting the gastronomy and simply having fun. Places worth a visit include Pauillac, with its attractive waterfront and acclaimed wines, Blaye with its military heritage and Talmont, one of France's "most beautiful villages".

How to get to Saint Ciers sur Gironde

You can travel by air to Bordeaux, with direct flights available from the UK. TGVs also run into the region. If you are driving to Saint Ciers, you'll find it near to the A10 motorway on the D23.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Ciers sur Gironde

In general, the Gironde estuary is a desirable area and prices can be steep. However, in 2012 and entering 2013, many sellers have adjusted their prices to very realistic levels, so it's a good time to find a bargain before the market picks up again. Properties requiring renovation work represent particularly good value.

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Saint Ciers sur Gironde AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Ciers sur Gironde?

Saint Ciers sur Gironde is situated in the south-west of France in the north of the Gironde.

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Population: 3,095

Access: By air: Fly to Bordeaux. By rail: The TGV can get you to Bordeaux. By road: Saint Ciers sur Gironde lies on the D23, not far from the A10 auto route.

Economy: The economy includes agriculture, small commerce and a weekly market.

Interesting fact: The area around the town is noted for its rich ecology. Thanks to the marshes of the estuary, there is a proliferation of fascinating flora and fauna.

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