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Saint Emilion Property Listings and Info

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Saint Emilion - a famous name

The name of St Emilion is known to almost everyone... well, to everyone who appreciates a truly great bottle of wine that is. The town is located close to the great wine capital of Bordeaux, in the Gironde department of south-west France. Lying among the trademark vineyards of its region, the town is also well known for its beauty, history and cultural heritage. St Emilion has a long and fascinating past dating back to prehistoric times and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Roman vineyards

We have the Romans to thank for the wonderful wines of St Emilion, as it was they who planted and tended the first vineyards here. And as for the name of the town? Well, that comes from a humble monk, Emilion, who made himself a hermitage in the rock near the settlement, and whose followers, also monks, were thought to have been responsible for beginning the commercial production of the excellent local wines.

A town of character with all amenities

It isn't only St Emilion's wines that have character, as the town is also full of historic charm and is well worth discovering for yourself. Its ancient streets are steep and narrow, and lined with fascinating buildings such as Romanesque churches and traditionally constructed houses. There are beautifully preserved arched cloisters to admire, and the whole town has an air of elegance and a sense of fitting dignity. Meanwhile the town has all the usual amenities such as banks, schools, medical facilities and other everyday requirements.

Shopping and dining

St Emilion offers plenty of opportunities for both shopping and dining, and not surprisingly wine features strongly in both pastimes! The restaurants range from the humble café, with a ten or twelve Euro lunchtime menu, through to the finest of gourmet dining experiences... and we won't put a price on that! Shopping is also excellent here with all needs catered for, but do expect to find a high proportion of wine merchants vying for your attention on the streets of St Emilion!

Out and about

If you are going to get into your car for a few days out, then at least one of these days should be spent seeing the vineyards, learning a little about wine production and tasting the end results. You can take guided tours to do this very thing, and you will be able to obtain details of these from the town's tourist office. Other options for time out are to see the lovely and cosmopolitan city of Bordeaux, to travel to the Atlantic coast just to the west of St Emilion, or to head for the popular and stunningly beautiful countryside of the popular Dordogne department to the east.

How to get there

Bordeaux Airport is the nearest, which is served by British Airways, bmibaby, Aer Lingus and easyJet. Or you can take the TGV from Paris and arrive in Bordeaux in around three hours after a relaxing and enjoyable journey. Driving to St Emilion is straightforward and although it is a long journey from the ferry ports or train arrival points of the north, the roads are excellent and travelling less stressful than in the UK. Bordeaux is signposted almost all the way through France.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Emilion

St Emilion is not a cheap area for property. The Gironde is very popular, and the town's proximity to Bordeaux means that prices remain consistently high and the market buoyant. It is still possible to grab yourself a bargain, but you need to be vigilant and to act swiftly.

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Saint Emilion AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Emilion?

Saint Emilion lies in the south-west of France, in the north of the Gironde department.

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Population: 2,345

Access: By air: Fly to Bordeaux. By rail: Take the Eurostar to Paris then change to a TGV to reach Bordeaux, in around three hours. By road: The N89 runs near Saint Emilion.

Economy: The economy is strongly concerned with wine, although tourism is also significant.

Interesting fact: Saint Emilion is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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