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Grenade sur l'Adour Property Listings and Info

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Grenade sur l'Adour - an English bastide

Grenade sur l'Adour lies, as its name suggests, on the River l'Adour as it makes its way through the Landes department of south-west France, on its journey to the Atlantic Ocean. It is this location which made it of strategic importance in the battles that raged between the French and the English in days gone by. This bastide town was built to be strong against attackers and to enable the ruling forces to control traffic passing along the river heading for the Atlantic.

Charm and character

Like most bastide towns, Grenade sur l'Adour is full of charm and character, and retains a sense of history in its old streets and buildings. The arcaded central square, always such a feature of bastide towns, is the hub of town life, with its lively shops and cafés, while the quaint narrow streets radiate away from the centre of town in the time honoured bastide fashion. The town has most amenities you would need for day-to-day life, with health care, a post office and bank, and of course the quintessential markets on Saturday and Monday mornings.

Gothic church

Grenade sur l'Adour has an interesting Gothic church, with two square towers and a fabulously ornate interior. A walk around the town will call history to mind as you discover the names of the maze of small streets. Rue des Ramparts (referring to the ancient fortifications), Rue des Fosses (road of the moat) and Rue du Chemin de Rond (the lane of the lookout) paint a clear picture of the origins of this town.

Riverside splendour

There are many lovely old houses to be found in Grenade sur l'Adour, but some of the best of these are found along the riverside itself, standing proud above the flowing waters with their ornate balconies providing a perfect sport for apèros with a view!

Michelin starred restaurant

The best feature of Grenade sur l'Adour for many, and the one which placed it firmly on the tourist map, was its Michelin starred restaurant, Le Pain Adour de Fantaisie. Celebrated among gastronomes and lovers of the rich, duck and prune based Landaise cuisine, the restaurant occupied an enviable position right on the riverside, and had attractive balconies overlooking the l'Adour for summer dining. Sadly this is no restaurant is no longer open for business. (Updated 2/5/14.)

Out and about

There are many places of interest and natural beauty accessible from Grenade sur l'Adour, and one place you should certainly visit is the lovely town of Mont de Marsan, which lies nearby. Then there is Saint Sever with its renowned abbey, and of course, the wild and wonderful beaches of the Silver Coast, with their enormous sand dunes and crashing surf. It should also be remembered that this is Armagnac country, and many of the old Armagnac houses will open their doors for tours and tastings.

Sports on offer

For sports fans, there is also plenty to do in the area. Walkers will love the forest trails and abundance of wildlife to be found in the region, and fishermen too will find themselves with a perfect location for pursuing their hobby. Close to the town you can find horse-riding stables, tennis courts, golf courses and more. The ski resorts of the Pyrénées are also not far distant, providing winter as well as summer activities.

How to get there

You can fly to Pau, Biarritz or to Bordeaux. Rail travel is also possible, as the excellent TGV service runs to Bayonne, Libourne, Biarritz and Toulouse, from where you can catch linking trains to the nearby town of Mont de Marsan. Access by road is from the N10/A63 or A64 auto routes, from where you can find the town lying at the crossroads of the D11 and D824.

Property prices and availability in and around Grenade sur l'Adour

Prices in the Landes are very reasonable, as long as you stay away from the coast. It can be a good place to find a renovation project, or a beautiful country home surrounded by its own land.

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Grenade sur l'Adour AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Grenade sur l'Adour?

Grenade sur l'Adour is situated in the south-west of France. It lies in the east of the Landes department.

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Population: 2,265

Access: By air: Fly to Pau, Biarritz and Bordeaux. By rail: The TGV runs to Biarritz and Libourne. The nearest local station is at Mont de Marsan. By road: The town can be accessed from the N10/A63 or the A64 auto routes and lies on the D11/D824.

Economy: The economy is commercial and agricultural.

Interesting fact: The town was founded to be both defensively strong and to take control of the river passage to the Atlantic.

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