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Mont-de-Marsan Property Listings and Info

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City of Rivers

The town of Mont-de-Marsan, which is the principal city of the Landes in south-west France, is known as the 'city of rivers'. It was founded in the twelfth century, and lies on the confluence of the rivers Douze and Midou. Elegant old merchants' houses with ornate wrought iron railings grace the town, and give an air of affluence which dates back to the mid seventeenth century when the city was in its prime.

Thriving economy yet a paradise for nature lovers

Mont-de-Marsan is still an important centre for distribution of grain and also for Armagnac production, and has a thriving and forward looking economy. Surrounded by the lovely green forests of the Landes department, the area around the town is richly endowed with wildlife and is a paradise for nature lovers.

Elegant and cosmopolitan

The city is elegant and cosmopolitan, and lacks for nothing in terms of modern conveniences. The shopping is excellent, and the town also has a good selection of eateries ranging from modern brasseries to traditional fine French restaurants. All the usual accoutrements of city life are in evidence, and for most people it will not be necessary to travel further afield unless you wish to explore the wider area.

Mud baths and hot springs

Exploring the wider area, however, is something you really should do, as there is so much to see and do within easy reach of Mont-de-Marsan. The Landes is known for its wildlife and lovely waterways, and you may also enjoy a visit to the nearby spa town of Dax, where you can have health-enhancing mud baths and relax in natural hot springs. The Atlantic coast in all its wild glory is near enough for a day trip, and there are numerous sports and other activities available close to the town, including an eighteen hole golf course.

Bullfights and motor racing

Should you be seeking a really different experience, you could also take in a bullfight of the non-bloodsports variety. This discipline is called Course Landaise, where cows are used instead of bulls, and the animals are not harmed… although this cannot necessarily be said of the humans, who frequently leave with impressive bruises! Or you may prefer to go to the neighbouring town of Nogaro to watch the motor racing on the town's excellent circuit.

How to get there

Reaching Mont-de-Marsan is quite simple. Ryanair fly to both Biarritz and Pau, both of which are within easy reach of the town. EasyJet flies into Bordeaux, as do British Airways, bmibaby, Aer Lingus and flybe. Bordeaux also has a TGV station, which means that you can travel by rail from the UK via Eurostar to Paris, then by TGV to Bordeaux, and finally link to a local train for Mont-de-Marsan. For those who like to travel by ferry, the port of Santander is accessible.

Property prices and availability in and around Mont-de-Marsan

Property in the area is frequently less expensive than many regions of France, as until recently communications links were poor and the region not widely known to foreign buyers and holiday makers. With recent and ongoing improvements to the transport services, however, this looks set to change, so the wise advice would be to buy quickly, should you be considering a property purchase in the Landes!

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Mont-de-Marsan AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Mont-de-Marsan?

Mont-de-Marsan lies in the south-west of France, in the south-east of the department of the Landes.

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Population: 30,000

Access: By air: Fly to Bordeaux, Biarritz or Pau. By boat: Take the ferry to Santander/ Bilbao. By rail: The TGV will take you to Bordeaux where you can link to the town.

Economy: The economy is largely agricultural, with production of grain and Armagnac of prime importance. Wine production is also a factor.

Interesting fact: The town has a bullring, but instead of traditional bullfights where the bull is killed, the discipline of Course Landaise is practised here.

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