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Feels like home

Located on the edge of the Pyrenees Mountains, the attractive town of Pau has a distinctly British air to it. The first channel hoppers arrived in the 19th Century and developed it as a winter resort, introducing a range of familiar pastimes, including golf and horse racing. The town has a very relaxed atmosphere set by its breathtaking views, spacious and picturesque public parks and pleasant climate.

Plenty to see

Pau is perched on top of a hill that overlooks the River by the same name below. You can take a gentle stroll down to the lower level or simply use the modern and free lift available, which can be found next to the Chateau in the old town. This is another great place to do some exploring, as there are many medieval and Renaissance buildings arranged in a tight maze.

Step inside the Chateau

The castle was built in the 14th Century for the rulers of Navarre. Two centuries later, Margaret of Navarre refurbished it in a renaissance style just in time to bring up her grandson, King Henri IV. There are a number of historical gems on show, including the rather mystifying tortoise shell in which Henri was cradled.

A superb environment

The beautiful and dramatic landscape provides plenty of opportunities for a range of activities. In one afternoon, you could venture into deep forests, high mountains and rolling countryside before picnicking next to a tranquil lake. You could also take a trip to Lourdes, explore the Basque heritage or taste a bit of Spain.

How to get there

You can fly to Pau directly from the UK, currently (2013) with Cityjet. The journey takes about two hours. The alternative to making the journey across land is taking a relaxing ferry to either Bilbao or Santander.

Pau property prices

Property in the area represents fantastic value for money, although prices should rise with the continued interest from the UK as a result of improving transport links.

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Pau is located in the Aquitaine region in the west of France. It lies in the east of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department.

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Population: 80,000

Access: Pau is home to its own airport which receives flights from Britain.

Economy: Oil, tourism, agriculture and the aerospace industry all play a part in Pau's economy.

Interesting fact: The town is still known as La Ville Anglaise, from two centuries ago when a large proportion of the population was British.


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