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A long tradition

Bedarieux, a small town in the heart of Languedoc Roussillon, is a modern town steeped in history. It served as an important trading route for the Romans. The wool weaving industry, along with the coal mines still serve as the town's main industry.

Getting out and about

The town is split down the middle by the Orb River. The Mediterranean Sea is a short excursion. The area is popular for outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing and climbing.

How to get there

Travelling to Bédarieux couldn't be easier. Nearby Montpellier has its own international airport with direct flights to and from the UK. To the south, Carcassonne has regular train services to and from Paris on France's fast and efficient TGV service.

Bedarieux property prices

While Property prices in this Mediterranean region are far from the cheapest in France, Bedarieux has a number of bargains. At the time of writing, we currently have a village house with 4 bedrooms, a terrace and a garden for just EUR 110,000.

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Bedarieux AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Bedarieux?

Towards the west of the Herault department, in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

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Population: 6,000

Access: Montpellier and Carcassonne can both be accessed by air and train from the UK.

Economy: Wool weaving and coal mining are the two traditional industries for the town.

Interesting fact: Developed along a Roman trading route.


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