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Bourbriac Property Listings and Info

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Bourbriac - a Breton town loved by the British

Bourbriac is a pretty and tranquil Breton town that lies in the beautiful countryside of the inland Côtes d'Armor. Typically Breton in character, the town was once the centre of some controversy as some of the townsfolk rebelled against the rise in house prices being caused by the number of British buyers coming into the town, but this now seems to have been brought to a satisfactory conclusion. There has been a programme of integration instigated that has successfully brought French… or Bretons... and British together and united them in an undisguised affection for this lovely town.

Things to see and do in town

Many people who come to France enjoy seeing the beautiful old churches that are so often found in traditional villages like this one, and indeed, Bourbriac has a lovely 11th century church all of its own. It offers some interesting areas to see, with a particularly good bust of St Briac, relics of the saint… allegedly… and a beautiful oak-carved organ loft. It is also worth noting the old fountains, the Saint Briac fountain and the Pepinac fountain, and the Lizard Manor.

Shops, cafés and bars

Once you have seen the "history and heritage" bits of town, you may be ready to indulge in a little shopping, coffee drinking or even wining and dining. After all, these are as traditional and important to the French as any other pursuits... perhaps more so than most! Fortunately, there are a variety of shops, bars and even restaurants in town, and the most delicious of Breton specialities, such as crepes, oysters and galettes are served in style.

Amenities on offer

The town provides most amenities and services, but should you wish to access more it is easy to reach the larger town of Guingamp.

Out and about

If you are thinking of what to do for days out, it is important to remember that although Bourbriac lies inland, the lovely pink granite coast with its superb beaches is only a short drive away, so the seaside is an excellent destination. Guingamp is a town worth a day of your time, and it's excellent for those big shopping trips as it has a great range of shops as well as a fascinating history and a culture that includes some wonderful festivals and celebrations.

Activities on offer

If your idea of a good time is more likely to involve getting active, then look no further, as the area round Bourbriac offers plenty of sporting opportunities. You can try horse-riding and pony trekking, cycling, swimming (in outdoor or indoor pools, lakes and the sea... all near enough to access in under an hour), watch or play rugby or football, or even try a little stargazing.

How to get there

There is an airport at Dinard, and you can fly there direct with Ryanair or Aurigny Air. Those who prefer to travel by boat will find Roscoff and St. Malo very accessible, and drivers should find the town easily from the N12, lying on the D8.

Property prices and availability in and around Bourbriac

The good news about a town such as Bourbriac is that property costs considerably less here than it does in the popular coastal towns. Bourbriac is popular though, and prices have risen sharply in recent years. However, when you consider that currently on the market are several properties under 100,000 Euros, and even a three-bedroom renovated farmhouse for only just over that sum, property here seems to offer amazing value!

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Bourbriac AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Bourbriac?

Bourbriac is located in north-western France. It lies slightly to the north-west of the centre of the Côtes d'Armor department.

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Population: 2,299

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard, with Ryanair or Aurigny Air Services. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are those of Roscoff and St Malo. By road: Bourbriac lies near the N12 motorway, on the D8.

Economy: The economy is mainly rural.

Interesting fact: The town of Bourbriac takes its name from the Breton word "bourb" meaning borough, and from Saint Briac, an Irish monk.

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