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Glomel Property Listings and Info

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Glomel - a lively Breton village

Glomel is a pretty village that is located in the north-west of France, in Brittany's Côtes d'Armor department. The village lies to the south-west of the department, making it a good base for further exploration of the region, including the neighbouring departments of Finistère and Morbihan. The countryside that surrounds Glomel is lovely, with the Nantes-Brest Canal meandering along its tranquil path close by, adding another picturesque feature to the village.

Boozers, bakers and a Breton welcome!

Glomel is a clean, attractive town with typical Breton architecture of stone and rendered cottages with grey slate roofs. It also has the typical Breton necessities of a bakery, a couple of bars, a pharmacy, a general store, a hairdressers and a restaurant. There is also the Breton equivalent of the "chippy", a "creperie" for the original Breton fast food! As well as having good amenities, you will find that Glomel prides itself on offering a warm Breton welcome to its visitors and newcomers.

The "Korong Menhir"

The centre of the village has a very interesting feature, and you will find that there are frequently visitors arriving just to see this little part of the village. The "Korong Menhir" is an impressive Stone Age standing stone... definitely a point of interest!

Out and about

As well as its standing stone and lively centre, Glomel has the benefit of a beautiful lake, whose calm waters and sandy shores make a natural leisure centre for young and old to enjoy. There are various sports available locally, including golf, horse-riding and fishing, and the sea is quite close enough for day trips although the village itself lies inland.

How to get there

If you like to fly, it is simple to take a flight to Dinard or Brest, both of which are within easy reach of Glomel. Brest is served by flybe and Ryanair, while Dinard is served by Ryanair and Aurigny Air. Rail travel takes you to Carhaix, some ten minutes from Glomel, and Brittany Ferries will get you to the local port of St Malo.

Property prices and availability in and around Glomel

Although coastal properties in the Côtes d'Armor tend to be expensive, there are bargains to be found in towns and village like Glomel, which are set inland. Look out for traditional stone village houses and for lovely country properties in the surrounding areas.

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WHERE IS Glomel?

Glomel is situated in northern Brittany, in the north-west of France. It lies in the south-west of the Côtes d'Armor department.

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Population: 1,460

Access: By air: Fly to Brest or Dinard. By boat: Take Brittany Ferries to St Malo. By rail: The train will take you to nearby Carhaix (ten minutes from Glomel).

Economy: The village has a thriving mixed economy, with tourism becoming significant.

Interesting fact: Glomel has an outstanding feature of interest in its very heart, the "menhir" (standing stone) from the Stone Age, known as the "Korong Menhir". Standing tall in the centre of the village, this unusual stone draws visitors from far and wide.

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