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Land of the Sea

The Cotes-d'Armor, meaning 'land of the sea', certainly lives up to its name. It comprises the majority of Brittany's highly attractive Northern coastline, including a number of islands. Among the rocky cliffs that look out towards England are some great beaches. The department boasts 15,000 acres of Forest, while the land nearer the coast is used mainly for the farming of vegetables.

Where to go

Dinan and Treguier are both very popular tourist towns, which are so steeped in history that you could think you're back in the Middle Ages. Only the presence of cars shatters the illusion.

Dinan - step back in time

Dinan, situated along the banks of the River Rance, is a quaint town with a staggering amount of history. It has retained its 600 year old ramparts and castle walls. There are few museums, yet this is more than made up for by the fascinating architecture that lines the town's streets. Every two years, the town hosts a colourful festival to celebrate its medieval history so check the dates before you plan your trip.

Treguier - where to go if you are a Lawyer!

It's probable that the people of Treguier have similar feelings for lawyers as everyone else in the world. The locals here, however, are much more forgiving to members of this occupation. On May 19th, every year, lawyers come from all over the world to seek reconciliation as the Patron Saint of Lawyers, St Yves, celebrates his holy day. St Yves Cathedral is Brittany's best example of religious architecture. With such a saintly setting, it seems ironic that the other great figure for which the town is known is the agnostic philosopher, Ernest Renan. There is both a statue and a museum dedicated to preserving his memory.

Ile de Brehat and the Pink Granite Coast

If you've had enough of these modern day contraptions then head to the Ile de Brehat, an island where cars are completely banned. Ferries leave every hour. Another popular location for peaceful family holidays is the Pink Granite Coast. Here, you'll find a great place to relax with a backdrop of huge pink boulders, which make for some curious holiday snaps. Up and down the coast there are a number of pretty little fishing villages and ports with fabulous views out across the sea.

The ideal family holiday

The Emerald Coast is located to the West of Dinard and is a popular destination for family holidays. It has great facilities, as well as a safe reputation. If you look out onto the glittering, green sea you will discover why this stretch of coastline received its name. Picasso was inspired to paint 'Women playing with a ball' after visiting this area. With its cliff top coastal paths the Emerald coast is ideal for walking.

Leaving the coast

If you leave the coast and travel further inland there are many other points of interest. The woodlands of Malaunay, Coat Liou and d'Avaugour are well worth exploring. The best place to base yourself when doing so is the town of Guingamp. While you're there you can discover the town's fabulous history and architecture. It has even retained many of its ramparts.


If you travel further west then you will find Menez-Bre, which stands at just over 300m. At the very top there is a small chapel where a blind man is said to have had his eyesight cured. It's certainly not a bad place to pause and regain your strength! From here you will be able to take in the great views across of the Monts d'Arree and the lands below.

How do I get there?

Getting to the Côtes-d'Armor couldn't be easier. Ferries sail from the UK to St Malo regularly, although you may find cheaper services going to Cherbourg or Caen in Normandy so look around before you book. Ferries are particularly convenient for those who want to bring large amounts of 'souvenirs' back with them. For many, however, flying is still the easiest option. The department has three airports, though only Dinard offers direct UK flights. And depending on where in the department you want to go, Brest airport or Rennes airport may be easier options.

Côtes-d'Armor property prices

As this is the location for many British family holidays you will have no problem finding property in a small resort near the beach. The most affordable property is located inland in the South of the Cotes-d'Armor, which is experiencing increased interest. Here, there is a good range of properties to choose from, including a large number needing renovation. While this is further inland, nowhere is further than around an hour from the coast. The most expensive properties are to be found within the triangle of Dinard, Dinan and St Malo. Here you have the advantage of quick and easy access from the UK.

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Côtes-d'Armor AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Côtes-d'Armor?

On the north cost of Brittany.

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