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Lannion Property Listings and Info

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Lannion - best of Brittany

Lannion is one of those Breton towns that can lay claim to being one of the best around... it has everything that is essentially Breton and more besides! It combines a prosperous economic modern life with a glorious historical presence, embodied in the mediaeval sector. The modern part of town offers some of the best shopping outside Paris... and to top all this off nicely there is a wonderful coastline nearby with glorious beaches, cliffs and stunning seascapes! Lannion lies on the estuary of the River Léguer and its hilltop position gives it stunning panoramic views.

Old town, new industry

Lannion is an old, historic town with a wonderful mediaeval sector, but it is also a town that has embraced modern technology and this has made its fortune. The telecommunications industry is flourishing in Lannion, and one very interesting possibility when in town is to make a visit to the Pléumeur-Bodou Satellite Communications Centre, to discover for yourself how it all works. Companies such as France Telecom also have their headquarters in Lannion.

Lannion has a lovely old quarter

The old quarter of Lannion is always a delight to see, and it attracts many tourists in the summer season. There are numerous cafés and bars here, so you can refresh yourself as you follow the history trail.

Brélévenez Church

The church, which rejoices in the unusual name of Brélévenez, is a Templar church, and is of interest to all those who have become avid fans of the Da Vinci code and all the grail stories that have their roots in France. It is in this part of town that you will discover pretty squares, secret chapels with ancient frescoes, half-timbered houses and much more.

Shops and amenities on offer in Lannion

If you are a keen shopper, then pack your credit cards and head to the modern part of town, where there are some excellent and elegant shops to tempt you to blow the budget! Other facilities in Lannion are equally good, with all amenities and services on offer. There are cinemas, a theatre, library, swimming pool and bowling alley, so you will never be stuck for something to do.

Wining and dining in Lannion

Lannion also has plenty of good eateries, and a buzzing social life centred around the bars and restaurants. If eating out, you will find that as with most of Brittany, the seafood is as fresh as it is excellent... give it a try! There is a fish market in the Place du Miroir every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings, so if you prefer to cook your own this is another chance to really eat fresh.

Out and about

The great outdoors will always call to you in Lannion, as the scenery surrounding the town is so stunning. The town is situated between the Pink Granite Coast and the Heather Coast... which may give you a fair idea of what to expect! The estuary of the river is lovely, and offers plenty of opportunities for sailing and water sports, while all around is a landscape that just begs to be explored, on foot, on horse back or by bicycle. The coast of Brittany is always wonderful, and painters are frequently inspired by the dramatic seascapes around Lannion.

How to get there

There is an airport at Dinard, and you can fly there direct with Ryanair or Aurigny Air. Those who like to travel by boat (and it is always good to have a car so that you can easily explore more of this lovely region) can take the ferry to St Malo.

Property prices and availability in and around Lannion

Brittany prices (and specifically, Côtes d'Armor prices) are escalating, as the area is extremely popular... for obvious reasons! Lannion is on the coast, which tends to push prices up higher still, but it is worth noting that rental values will be good too, so you may recoup a little of the initial outlay in this manner.

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WHERE IS Lannion?

Lannion is located in north-western France. It lies in the north-west of the Côtes d'Armor department.

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Population: 18,368

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard, with Ryanair or Aurigny Air Services. By boat: The nearest ferry port is that of St Malo.

Economy: The economy is greatly boosted by the thriving telecommunications industry which has established the town as an important centre. Tourism is also a factor.

Interesting fact: The Thursday market that takes place in Lannion is said to be the best in the region... and in Brittany, that is a high accolade!

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