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Lanvollon Property Listings and Info

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Lanvollon - a Breton market town

Lanvollon, which lies in northern Brittany in the department of the Côtes d'Armor, is a typical Breton market town, where tradition and charm blend with a modern day existence to offer a superb quality of life. You can access most of life's necessities in this little town, but the pace of life is still admirably Breton and seemingly divorced from the stresses and strains of life in the UK.

Friday market

Although it is not a large town, there is plenty of vibrancy about Lanvollon, particularly on Fridays, when the market traders arrive and set up their colourful stalls in the town centre. If you haven't been to a French market then this is an experience you really need to savour, so get yourself out of bed and down to the market as early as possible, so as not to miss the best of the bargains, sights, sounds and smells.

Famous cuisine

If the great aromas of the market have whetted your appetite for some traditional Breton fare, there are a few excellent little restaurants in town where you can relax and enjoy some of the most famous cuisine in France… specifically seafood and crepes. The sea is so close you can almost smell it, and the fish and shellfish are certainly as fresh as you will find anywhere. Bon appetit!

Close to the beaches

The beautiful beaches of the northern coast of Brittany are just a fifteen-minute drive away, so you can take advantage of the less expensive property of an inland town and still enjoy days at the seaside. Lanvollon is less crowded in summer than the coastal resorts too, so you can retain your tranquil existence whenever you want to!

Great for golfers

Golf is so popular these days that even the non golfing (generally!) French are having to wake up and recognise that it is an essential selling point for French property or holiday resorts. Golfers seeking to purchase a property in Brittany with access to a good golf course need look no further than Lanvollon, as there is the super eighteen-hole course of Golfe de Boisgelin nearby. There are plenty of other sports too in the area close to Lanvollon, with superb hiking and cycling available as well as swimming and fishing in the lakes, rivers and sea.

Out and about

Brittany is always worth exploring, so however much you are enjoying yourself in Lanvollon, you need to get out and about and discover more of this great region. See the prefecture of St Brieuc, enjoy the beaches and seaside resorts as well as venturing further inland to discover the beautiful Breton countryside and pretty villages of the lesser known and less touristy areas of this wonderful region.

How to get there

There is an airport at Dinard, and you can fly there direct with Ryanair or Aurigny Air. Those who like to travel by boat (remember that it is good to have a car so that you can easily explore more of this lovely region) can take the ferry to St Malo or to Roscoff.

Property prices and availability in and around Lanvollon

Property in Lanvollon is cheaper than the coastal towns, so it could be a good place to look for a bargain property or a clever investment. It isn't, however, the cheapest place in France to buy property, as the Côtes d'Armor is a very popular department in a very desirable region. Old stone properties are the most sought after, so keep your eyes peeled and be ready to act swiftly when the right property appears.

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Lanvollon AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lanvollon?

Lanvollon is located in north-western France. It lies in the north-west of the Côtes d'Armor department.

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Population: 1,427

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard, with Ryanair or Aurigny Air Services. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are those of St Malo and Roscoff.

Economy: The economy is mixed and typically "small town" with agriculture, commerce and tourism all playing a part.

Interesting fact: Lanvollon's Friday market is said to be exceptional, and there are a number of popular car boot sales held throughout the year too!

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