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PlancoŽt - a riverside town

PlancoŽt is a pretty little town found in northern Brittany, in the CŰtes-d'Armor department. It lies on the banks of the River Arguenon, just some fifteen minutes inland from the Emerald coast. Popular with holiday makers and residents alike, PlancoŽt combines all that is best of its history and its thriving modern day existence.

Historic sites

PlancoŽt has plenty of history, and it's proud of it. There are two lovely churches, the Eglise de Saint Saveur and the Eglise de Notre Dame de Nazareth, and these add character to the town in the way that only old churches can do. There is a museum, and there are both Roman and Celtic sites which are definitely worth a visit. There is even a temple to Mars! PlancoŽt has a literary claim to fame too, as the town is mentioned in the memoirs of the great French writer, Chateaubriand.

Village of flowers

The town is renowned for its beautiful flowers which grow abundantly both in the public parks and open spaces and in many of the private gardens. Rhododendrons grow well here, and the display of colour that they provide in early summer is, in itself, a reason to visit! Besides the gardens, there are many beautiful areas of countryside around the town. This partly due to the fact that the river on which the town is situated is unusual, in that it is not, strictly speaking, so much a true river as a flooded river valley, formed by rising sea levels. This has created large areas of ťtang, or marshland along its length and these are a haven for some rare and fascinating wildlife.

Eating out in PlancoŽt

PlancoŽt is a great place to enjoy a meal out, as of course, are many towns in France. PlancoŽt, however, offers more choice than many towns of comparable size, and there should be something here to suit all pockets and tastes as restaurants range from the grandest of chateaux to the humblest of ferme auberges (farm inns). Even if your wallet is loaded, though, don't necessarily reject the latter option, as these little places often serve the tastiest food!

Sports and more...

PlancoŽt offers plenty of sporting opportunities, and you should always remember that the town is only a very short distance from the sea, so all the usual seaside pursuits and water sports are easily accessed. Walkers will love the areas around the town, as there are some wonderful trails along the cool, pretty riverbanks. Golfers can find a course close to the town, and those who prefer their leisure time to be spent in less physical pursuits may like to know that PlancoŽt has an excellent array of shops and supermarkets as an alternative outlet for your spare money!

How to get there

It is simplicity itself to reach PlancoŽt from the UK and Ireland, as the town is set conveniently close to Dinard airport, which offers regular flights with budget airline Ryanair and Aurigny. Rennes is also not far, and this is served by flybe with flights from Southampton and Aer Lingus. You will have to hire a car to continue to Plancoet or take a taxi if arriving at these airports. Train travellers can use a combination of Eurostar, TGV and local train to get to their destination, and drivers... or those who have travelled on the ferry to St Malo and are driving the rest of the way... can find PlancoŽt on the D768.

Property prices and availability in and around PlancoŽt

PlancoŽt lies in one of Brittany's more popular areas, so property prices can seem high at first. They are, however, representative of the quality of life that your property will bring you. The region is known to hold its property prices well, and should you ever need to sell it is good to know that you are unlikely to lose money on a property in PlancoŽt. Rental values tend to be high here too, as the area is easily accessed from the UK and popular with holidaymakers. Look out for stone-built traditional style properties in the town or neighbouring villages, as these can represent good value for money, especially if there is still room for a little improvement to the property.

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WHERE IS PlancoŽt?

PlancoŽt is located in north-west France, in the north-east of the CŰtes-d'Armor department of Brittany.

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Population: 2,589

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard or to Rennes. By boat: The ferry port of St Malo is the nearest, but also accessible are Caen and Cherbourg. By rail: PlancoŽt has a train station. By road: The town lies on the D768.

Economy: The economy includes the famous mineral water, tanning and manufacture of luxury leather goods and hand-crafted tiles.

Interesting fact: PlancoŽt is mentioned in Chateaubriand's memoirs.


Agence Arguenon Dinan
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