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St-Brieuc Property Listings and Info

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Attractive town, idyllic location

The town of St-Brieuc in northern Brittany, is an attractive town benefiting from a great location on the Breton coast. The capital city of its department and a busy administrative centre, the town lies close to the ferry port of St-Malo, making it easy to access from the UK. It also forms an excellent base for getting around and enjoying the pleasures of the Côtes-d'Armor. St-Brieuc has some charming and traditional sectors, with half-timbered houses whose upper stories reach out to each other across the old streets. It is a large and well equipped city with a thriving economy.

Excellent shopping and amenities

The town is known for its excellent shopping facilities, so if this is something you enjoy, don't forget to pack the credit cards! There is everything you need for a modern, comfortable lifestyle here in St-Brieuc, because as well as the great shops there are excellent amenities. Doctors, schools and banks are all on hand as well as leisure and sports facilities.

Industrial yet also green

And although St-Brieuc may be industrial in part, it also has some attractive green spaces and offers some pretty and well tended parks and gardens where you can find relaxation and tranquillity. In the north of the town there is a hill, the Tertre Aubé, from which panoramic views of the Gouët estuary and valley can be found.

Seafood and Galettes!

For all those who know and love Brittany, there is a special pleasure to be had in a town such as St-Brieuc, which has its own fishing port. The seafood restaurants here are second to none, as the fish has hardly to travel for more than a few moments to be served fresh on your plate! Try it with a glass of chilled locally produced white, the quality of which may bring a pleasant surprise. To finish, for those with a sweet tooth, there is a choice between the two Breton specialities of crêpes, with an infinite variety of sauces, or a delicious galette. To avoid the dilemma, eat out at lunchtime as well as at night and try both!

Sun, sea, sand... and circuits!

The beach of Les Étables sur Mer is located just beside the town of St-Brieuc, and is an excellent sandy family beach. Most water sports can be tried here, and the swimming is safe and good. St-Brieuc allows good access to many other parts of the northern Breton coast too, so make sure you take time out to explore. Other activities around the town include horse-riding and walking, with some well planned walking circuits designed to introduce the walker to different aspects of the town.

Walking circuits galore

There are various circuits, the first of which, the "Circuit Patrimonie", takes you on a tour of the old parts of the town, and takes in a little history too. Then there is the "Circuit Nature" for those who love green spaces, flowers and wildlife, which passes the river and makes its way through the valley in which St-Brieuc lies. The "Circuit Louis Guilloux" traces the writer's footsteps through the town, and is very interesting for those with a literary bent. Finally, the "Circuit des Ponts" explores the town's many bridges, both road and rail.

How to get there

The town is easily accessed from the UK by air, as it is possible to fly directly to Dinard with Aurigny or Ryanair or to Brest with flybe or Ryanair. The ferry port of St-Malo is very close to St-Brieuc, and Roscoff is not far away.

Property prices and availability in and around St-Brieuc

As you would expect, St-Brieuc can attract some high prices for well placed properties due to its location on the coast and it being close to St-Malo. You can find cheaper property if you travel south of the town, heading inland.

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WHERE IS St-Brieuc?

St-Brieuc is located on the north coast of Brittany, in the north of the Côtes-d'Armor department.

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Population: 46,800

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard or Brest with a variety of airlines. By boat: Take a ferry to the nearby ports of St-Malo or Roscoff.

Economy: The economy rests on a few key industries. Tourism is significant, along with fishing, metallurgy, brush manufacture and the weekly market, which is an important one in the region.

Interesting fact: The town was named after a Welsh monk!

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