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Huelgoat Property Listings and Info

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Huelgoat - a town set amidst a stunning natural landscape

The town of Huelgoat is found in the west of Brittany, in the department of Finistère. Lying in a stunning natural landscape of forests and strange rock formations, Huelgoat is beloved of tourists yet remains attractive and unspoiled. There is also a beautiful fifteen-hectare lake beside the town that adds to the romance.

Town life in the country

Huelgoat has all the shops and other amenities that you usually need, so life there is easy and pleasant. There are a good number of restaurants and cafés, and the town is especially well supplied with the essential Breton equivalent of the British fish and chip shop... the fast food crêperie, where you can get delicious buckwheat pancakes stuffed with all manner of fillings, savoury and sweet. There are at least three such crêperies in Huelgoat, and all of them will also supply you with a jug of traditional and refreshing Breton cider to wash it all down in a truly Breton fashion!

Weird and wonderful...

Huelgoat is known for its famous rock formations, grottoes and mysterious forests. The rock formations include the Trembling Rock, a 137-tonne rock that pivots in such a way as to be able to be rocked by one person! Then there is the Devil's Grotto, King Arthur's Cave, the Pool of the Fairies and the Pool of the Wild Boar... amongst other equally exciting and mysterious places to see and legends to discover. You can even take special tours of the area around Huelgoat, in the company of a storyteller who is well versed in the myths and legends that enrich this lovely part of Finistère.

Sports for all

There are plenty of less mystical activities in Huelgoat too, with great walking, cycling and horse-riding country all around, the Atlantic Ocean not far away and swimming pools, tennis courts and lakes for fishing and boating.

How to get there

If you want to fly, it is simple to take a flight to Brest with either Ryanair or flybe, both of whom offer very reasonable rates from the UK. Then there is a sea crossing to the port of Roscoff with Brittany Ferries from Plymouth. Rail travel will get you to nearby Quimper.

Property prices and availability in and around Huelgoat

Finistère is the cheapest of the Breton departments, although Brittany in general is considered to be a fairly expensive and certainly a very popular destination these days. Huelgoat can supply some great bargains, especially for those looking to build their own property or take on a total renovation project… and with a stone-built cottage currently on the market at 12,700 Euros, who would look further?

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Huelgoat AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Huelgoat?

Huelgoat is situated in western Brittany, in the north-west of France. It lies in the east of the Finistère department.

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Population: 1,687

Access: By air: Fly to Brest airport with flybe or Ryanair. By boat: Take a Brittany Ferries crossing to Roscoff from Plymouth. By rail: The train will take you to Quimper.

Economy: Tourism is the mainstay of the modern economy.

Interesting fact: Huelgoat has a number of amazing rock formations, with perhaps the most famous being the so called Trembling Rock, a mass of some 137 tonnes which can be made to rock to and fro by just one person pushing on it!

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