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Poullaouen - fabulous in Finistère

The town of Poullaouen is set in the wild and mysterious department of Finistère, in the west of Brittany. Poullaouen was once a great mining centre, producing significant quantities of copper, silver, lead and zinc, but the town is now more likely to welcome tourists than miners, and its thriving economy more concerned with the luxury holiday trade than metal ore. Today Poullaouen has a lively community life, a handful of shops and useful services, and enjoys a good amount of summer sunshine.

Fortunate location

Poullaouen is fortunate indeed in its location, which blends tranquil pasture land with mysterious rock formations. It has easy access to what is probably the most spectacular coast in France and also rejoices in easy access to the UK, making it ideal for those who are seeking a property to form a weekend retreat from the rat race of life in London. Finistère could not be more different, being suffused with myths, magic and legends, having a clean salt tang to its air and a sense that when God was creating his universe he gave many of the blessings to this corner of France.

Shops and other useful stuff

Poullaouen is a community with a heart, and this means that there are shops, schools and services all to hand, which helps not just the economic success of the town but also the residents of Poullaouen. Here you can find a bakery, a mini market, a school, a doctor's surgery, a hairdresser, a garage and a pharmacy. Of course, it is easy to jump into the car and head for the more extensive facilities of nearby Carhaix should you need to.

Dining out and other pleasures

The town has a selection of bars and restaurants which provide a very warm Breton welcome and good local food and drink. Brittany is known for its ciders, so try a change from beer or wine and enjoy a glass of something different. Carhaix is only minutes away, and offers a great range of cafés and restaurants as well as fast food outlets too... so something for all tastes and ages there!

Out and about

The region offers some fantastic cultural events, and there can be no better way to discover the history and traditions of Finistère than to attend the many fêtes and festivals that celebrate life in this wonderful corner of the country. See the amazing rock formations and lovely forests of neighbouring Huelgoat, enjoy the spectacular coast and clean unspoiled beaches, and simply enjoy being outdoors in lovely countryside. Of course, you can also enjoy various sporting activities in and near Poullaouen, where you can find superb walking and cycling trails, fishing, tennis, boules and much more.

How to get there

To reach Poullaouen from the UK you can fly to Brest, Lorient or Dinard. Brest is served by flybe and Ryanair; Lorient by Aer Arann; and Dinard by Ryanair and Aurigny. If you prefer to travel by ferry, then St Malo and Roscoff are your nearest ferry ports. If driving, you will find Poullaouen on the D769, which can be accessed from the N164.

Property prices and availability in and around Poullaouen

It is known that Finistère tends to offer the best property bargains in Brittany, with prices usually lower than in the other departments. The coastal towns are becoming more expensive, but property in inland towns such as Poullaouen still offer very good value for money.

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Poullaouen AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Poullaouen?

Poullaouen is located in the north-west of France. It lies in the east of the Finistère department.

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Population: 1,498

Access: By air: The nearest airports are those of Brest, Lorient and Dinard. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are located at Roscoff and St Malo. By car: Poullaouen lies on the D769, accessed from the N164 road.

Economy: The economy used to be based on the mining of lead, zinc, silver and copper, but these days tourism is a more influential factor than anything else.

Interesting fact: Although the mineral mining activities in Poullaouen ceased over a century ago, it is still possible to find interesting mineral deposits in the rocks and old slag piles that form some of the wild land outside the town.

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