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A distinct identity

Rennes is home to just over 200,000 inhabitants renowned for their lively, bohemian lifestyles. Not that surprising when you consider that at least a quarter of the population is made up of students. The town has been a busy crossroads since long before it was absorbed into France in the 16th Century. Despite being the capital of Brittany, Rennes is distinctly different from its surrounding region.

A fresh start for architecture

Rennes was still a well preserved medieval town up until 1720 when a drunken carpenter accidentally entered the history books by burning most of it down. The quarter that was spared by the great fire is now the old town while the rest is dominated by Parisian style architecture due to an attempt to rival the capital at the time. The pedestrianised streets are packed with a whole host of splendid bars, bistros and restaurants that are well worth checking out.

For when it pours

There are more than enough interesting museums to keep you occupied on rainy days. The two largest are the Musee des Beaux-Arts and the Musee de Bretagne. The latter contains a wide array of historical artefacts dating from prehistoric Brittany while the former is home to the region's most impressive collection of fine art.

City of culture

Rennes has a vibrant cultural life, as can be seen from the vast number of unique bookshops that fill the streets. The year's highlight is the Marmaille Festival that takes place every October and lasts two weeks. Everything from film to puppet shows are put on, while there's plenty of opportunity for song and dance. If you prefer rock over traditional music, however, make sure you're around in December when the Rencontres Transmusicales Festival takes place. It was started in an attempt to prove that the music scene didn't have to be dominated by English acts. After successfully helping a number of not so well known international bands and musicians rise to fame, it has cemented the city's reputation as the capital of rock.

How to get there

Part of the popularity of Rennes is down to the ease at which it can be accessed from the UK. Rennes does have its own airport, and is currently served by flybe and Aer Lingus. Or you could fly to Dinard with either Aurigny or Ryanair.

By ferry, train or coach

The nearest ferry port is St Malo from where there are frequent crossings from Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth. Rennes is connected to the high speed TGV rail network from both Paris and Lille. The other alternative is to take a Eurolines coach from the UK into Rennes.

Rennes property prices

Property in the town can be quite high. However, the road network has been very well built and managed and, as such, buying in the surrounding area and driving into the town is highly recommendable. There is even free parking in certain carparks of Rennes.

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WHERE IS Rennes?

Rennes is located in the west of Brittany, and is the capital of the Ille-et-Villaine department.

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Population: 212,494

Access: Rennes is easily accessible by sea and air and has its own TGV station with links to Lille and Paris.

Economy: Originally developed as a trading route by early Celtic settlers. The town is now a major commercial and (to a declining extent) industrial centre.

Interesting fact: In 1720 a terrible fire burnt most of the town centre to the ground.


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