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Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine Property Listings and Info

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Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine - in an excellent location

The historic village of Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine is found not far from the glorious Breton coast and the lively port of St Malo, in the Ille et Vilaine department of north-west France. In spite of its relatively small size, the village of Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine has excellent facilities, and is also ideally located on the crossroads of the D7 and D137 roads. Its setting, near to the River Rance and the beautiful mediaeval town of Dinan, makes it perfect for enjoying the very best of Brittany.

Impressive chateau set in picturesque countryside

The River Rance passes by just a kilometre from the village, and the countryside is picturesque and verdant. The chateau, from which Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine takes the first part of its name, is impressive and is a listed historical monument, although an absence of serious research means that its history is not yet fully known. It is, however, known that the castle was home to many highly important figures from Breton history.

Well equipped village offering a stress free quality of life

Many of the houses and buildings of the village are authentic, and the atmosphere of the village is charming. However, history aside, modern life is alive and well in Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine with a great selection of shops and services, schools, doctors and vets all on hand. The town claims that it has been listed as offering a superb, stress free quality of life to its inhabitants, with an ideal work/life balance.

Explore the nearby towns of St Malo and mediaeval Dinan

This is an especially desirable part of Brittany, which in itself is one of France's most popular destinations. Therefore, if you are looking for days out, places to go, activities to enjoy or even history to discover, you can't go far wrong if you base yourself in Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine. Places to be sure not to miss include the wonderful port town of St Malo, which also has a lively resort and lovely beaches; mediaeval Dinan with its stunning half-timbered houses, quaint streets and olde worlde charm; and Mont St Michel, one of northern France's most famous and iconic sights.

Enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities

Brittany may not have the heat of the south, but it does get a good amount of sunshine, and is noted for its outdoor sports. Whether you like to spend your time swimming, fishing, sand yachting, walking, horse-riding or playing golf, there is something within easy reach of Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine to keep you happy and busy.

How to get there

The nearest airport is that of Dinard, which is served by Ryanair and Aurigny, though Rennes is also within easy reach, being served by Flybe. Meanwhile the best ferry port to head for if you want to sail is St Malo. Road travellers will find Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine on the D137 near the point where that road crosses the D7. The nearest major road is the N176.

Property prices and availability in and around Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine

Brittany often surprises with its low property prices, especially when you take into account the massive popularity of the region. Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine offers reasonably priced property in a great location.

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Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine?

Châteauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine is situated in the north-west of France, in the north-west of the Ille et Vilaine department.

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Population: 912

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard or Rennes. By boat: The nearest ferry port is that of St Malo, which has an excellent service from the UK with Brittany Ferries. By road: The town lies along the D137, near to the N176 non toll motorway.

Economy: The economy is now mainly agricultural. Small commerce is present.

Interesting fact: The town claims to offer an excellent quality of life, an absence of stress and a perfect work/life balance. Sounds just what we could all be looking for!

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