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Dinard Property Listings and Info

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A place where time has stood still…

Dinard is a seaside resort where time has, if not stood still, at least moved delightfully slowly. Its appeal is still the same today as it was for the Edwardians, who made it one of Europe's favourite resorts. Dinard is superbly located on the section of the lovely Breton coastline known as the Emerald Coast, and this means it has beautiful sandy beaches, safe swimming and, importantly for those seeking a holiday or weekend home, easy access from the UK.

Seaside elegance

Dinard's seafront is a gloriously unspoiled line of elegant Victorian properties. New construction on the seafront is banned here, so there is no danger of the town being ruined by high-rise development. The beaches, of which the best known is La Grande Plage, is perfect for family fun and there are even a number of seawater swimming pools along the shore which provide ideal safe bathing for youngsters. Despite the old fashioned gentility there is access to everything one normally associates with a seaside resort such as shops, restaurants, museums and sporting activities.

Things to do in Dinard

For golf enthusiasts it is worth noting that Dinard has one of the best 18 hole courses in Brittany. Devotees of Links courses in the UK will love its seaside style.

Museums and film festivals

Dinard also has its share of cultural activities, with museums such as the Musée du Site Balneaire, where you can trace the history of the town, and a fascinating Sea Museum, detailing the adventures of an early 20th Century explorer called Jean Baptiste Charcot, who sailed to the Polar regions in a boat memorably named the 'Pourquoi Pas', which translates as 'The Why Not?'! Dinard also plays host to an annual film festival and a statue of Alfred Hitchcock that stands in the town celebrates this fact.

How to get there

By air direct to Dinard with Air Aurigny, or by ferry from Portsmouth, Poole or Weymouth to St Malo.

Property prices and availability in Dinard

If you are seeking property in Dinard you will find that you must pay higher prices than in inland Brittany where property is often still quite cheap. Seaside towns are always sought after and Dinard, with its old fashioned charm, is no exception. It is not, however, as pricey as its seaside cousins in the South and with the benefit of its access to the UK, property in and around Dinard still can be a great investment.

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WHERE IS Dinard?

Dinard is situated on the Emerald Coast in the far west of the Ille et Vilaine in Brittany - facing the ferry port of St Malo.

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Population: 10,443

Access: Great for easy access from the UK. Fly to Dinard from Gatwick or Manchester with Air Aurigny, or take the ferry to St Malo from Portsmouth, Poole or Weymouth.

Economy: Mainly tourism.

Interesting fact: Picasso painted one of his famous pictures in Dinard - of two happy (but rather round) ladies dancing on the beach. The town now has a large number of upmarket art galleries.

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