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Fougeres Property Listings and Info

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An inspirational place

The hilltop town of Fougères in Brittany in north-west France, is an interesting town and one of contrasts, home to a twelfth century castle and mediaeval buildings as well as a modern town centre. It is a place that has inspired many great artists and writers throughout its history, and even today it remains an inspirational place. History sits side by side with modernity here, and the town is a treasure trove of things to discover and enjoy.

The old…

The mediaeval quarter, which once housed the tanners and dyers of the leather trade (which still exists today in the form of shoe manufacturers), is a fascinating place with twisting cobbled streets and ancient buildings. There are even some of the original wooden houses still standing! The town is also justifiably proud of its beautiful twelfth century moated castle, which, with its thirteen towers and glorious gardens is said to be among the best preserved chateaux in France.

And the new…

Fougères, for all its history, has a town centre which is refreshingly modern. Wide, pleasant, pedestrianised shopping areas bordered with pavement cafés and decorated with fountains and statues welcome visitors with a feeling of light and space. The grand and elegant architecture in the modern town contrasts utterly with that of the old town.

Things to do around town

There is no shortage of things to do in Fougères. There are the usual art galleries, museums (including one in the Rue Nationale which despite its tiny size offers a history of the town which is truly absorbing) and theatres, and also excellent shopping and dining. Bars and bistros abound, and the atmosphere is buzzing, especially in the summer months.

And out of town too!

Fascinating as the town of Fougères is, there is really no excuse not to get out and about too, as the surrounding area is also rich in beauty, legend and possibilities. The town stands on a hilltop overlooking the Forêt de Paimpont. Beautiful in its own right, the forest is the legendary home of Merlin the magician, and here you can drink the waters of the fountain of eternal youth… or so it is said!

Normandy is close by

Being close to the Normandy border there is the opportunity to explore this lovely region as well as Brittany. There is, in fact, so much to do in and around Fougères that you may just want to stay for ever!

How to get there

There is no difficulty in reaching Fougères form the UK. Both Dinard and Nantes are served buy budget airline Ryanair, whilst nearby Rennes has flights from the UK with flybe. The nearest ferry port is that of St. Malo.

Property prices and availability in and around Fougères

Property in this part of Brittany is still reasonably priced, especially in comparison with the coastal areas. Still rising in popularity with British buyers it is not yet over subscribed, and there are a good number of quality properties to be found.

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Fougeres AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Fougeres?

Fougères is found in north-west France, in the north-east of Brittany's most easterly department close to the Normandy border.

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Population: 26,000

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard, Nantes or Rennes. By ferry: The nearest ferry port is St. Malo.

Economy: The economy of this lively town is varied, but its main industry is the manufacturing of shoes, which is based on the ancient tanning industry which was the mainstay of the town's economy in ancient times. Agriculture and tourism are also important.

Interesting fact: Fougères is full to bursting with interesting facts, features and legends. The forest on the edge of the town is said to have been the home of the magician, Merlin!

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